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RCPS 1859 - 2009

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  • Riddells Creek the Beginning

    Riddells Creek the Beginning
  • 1st School in Riddells Creek

  • new school

    new  school
    our school was build
  • Railway opened

    Railway opened
    Railway was opened at this time
  • Rail line

    Rail line
    In 1862 the Woodend to Kyneton and Kyneton to Bendigo train lines were complete and running.
  • smiths nursery was opened

    smiths nursery was opened
    Smiths nursery was opened at Riddells Creek and was later to achiebe wide recognition
  • Transport

    There was no morer transport of crimnals from over seas to Ausatralia.
  • Australian goldfields

    Australian goldfields
    In 1867 Chinise miners destroyed the Crocodile Creek goldfields in Australia
  • George L Mitchell

    George L Mitchell
    He was the head teacher at Riddells Creek primary school by Joel
    and Lucy
  • Anzac

    In 1915 The Anzacs landed in Gallipoli. Anzac stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corp.
  • Riddells Creek blacksmith

  • st John's church

    st John's church
    The church was opened in 1926 it looked really good.
  • The swimming pool opened

    The swimming pool opened
    Frank Beaurepaire (Olympic swimming champion) opened the swimming pool located near the lake.
  • Sir Charles Edward Kinnford Smith

    Sir Charles Edward Kinnford Smith
    Sir Charles Edward Kingford Smith was the first one to flight from U.S.A to Australia in 1928
  • eletricity

    Eletricity came to redel 1929 7 of march
  • fred hollows

    fred hollows
    fred hollows was a idocter
    fred went to nepal to do eyes surgery on people
  • Dummy Tram

     Dummy Tram
    An old cable tram dummy placed in the school yard as a play facility.
  • The first basketball club

    The first basketball club
  • Pharlap

    23 Occtober 1932 the death of pharlap. Pharlap was killeed on the orders of US gangsters.Pharlap won the Melbourne cup in 1930.
  • the ute

    the ute
    With a front like car and a rear like truck the ute was invented by lewis brandt

    Riddells Creek won the grand final for football.
  • cool dress

    cool dress
    in the mid 1950s, the bloomer costume became the vogue . there was less emphsis of the bust line, and the material around the hips puffed out.
  • RDFL premiship

    RDFL premiship
    The morden RDFL was formed
  • The 1954 premiship

    The 1954 premiship
    footscray by 51 points and Jack collines kicked 7 goals and the score was 102 to 51

    Footscray won against Demons 51-Footscray 102.
    Jack Collines scored 7 goals.
  • Jone brack

    Jone brack
    John Brack painted The Car in 1955
  • The black box flight recorder

    The black box flight recorder
    The black box flight recoder helps people know how a plane crashed. Because it gets data and voice recordings from the last 20 minutes of the flight.

    In 1956 Melbourne hosted the Olympics.
    The Soviet union won and Australia came third.
  • tv was made...

    tv was made...
    tv was made in 1956 .
  • 1956 olypics games

    1956 olypics games
    Australia finished 3rd in the 1956 olypics games
  • The road bridge across Riddells Creek was replaced!

  • RCPS still located at current Montessori Kinder site

  • 200th anniversary of Cook's Voyage of Discovery to Australia

    200th anniversary of Cook's Voyage of Discovery to Australia
  • Riddell Event - Riddells Creek Seniors Premiers

  • The Beatles Break up

    The Beatles Break up
  • Munich Olympics

    Munich Olympics
    The Munich Olympics were intended to present a new, democratic and optimistic Germany to the world, as shown by its official motto, "the Happy Games." It was the first Olympic that had a named Mascot - Waldi the Dachshund. The Games were marred by the terrorist attacks on Israeli athletes. Mark Spitz won 7 Gold Medals in swimming
  • Gough Whitlam elected PM

    Gough Whitlam elected PM
    It's Time ClipAfter 23 years of a Liberal Conservative Government, Labor was swept into power. The Labor party used a very successful advertising campaign which featured many television and music personalities. The campaign was called "It's time"
  • Dromkeen

    In 1973, Dromkeen was purchased by Joyce and Court Oldmeadow. They used the homestead as a private residence and as a bulk store and freight centre for their educational bookshop. Before long their love and interest in children’s literature led to the establishment of the Dromkeen Collection, and Joyce and Court's house became a home for Australian children’s literature. Joyce and Court Oldmeadow dedicated their lives to preserving for public display the original artwork and manuscripts of Aus
  • Gough Whitlam sacked as PM by Governor General Sir John Kerr

    Gough Whitlam sacked as PM by Governor General Sir John Kerr
    The DismissalMany of us can remember that famous speech that ended, "Ladies and gentlemen, well may we say 'God Save the Queen', because nothing will save the Governor-General." Read all about what happened here.
  • Malcolm Fraser Prime Minister

    Malcolm Fraser Prime Minister
    After the Govenor General Sacked the Whitlam Government, Malcom Fraser and the Liberal Co alition team were swept into power in a landslide victory, He was re elected in the 1977 Election just as easily.
  • Montreal Olympics

    Montreal Olympics
  • Elvis Presley Dies

    Elvis Presley Dies
    Elvis footage Many people remember exactly where they were when they heard the news - Mrs Grierson was sitting at her family dinner table about to eat dinner! Elvis caused sensations from the time he appeared on the Frank Sinatra show until his death. Even today, there are some people who don't believe he has died...!
  • Railway Station renamed from "Riddell" to "Riddells Creek"

    Railway Station renamed from "Riddell" to "Riddells Creek"
  • Mother Theresa wins Nobel Peace Prize

    Mother Theresa wins Nobel Peace Prize
  • Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

    In order to bolster the Parcham faction, the Soviet Union—citing the 1978 Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Good Neighborliness that had been signed between the two countries—intervened on December 24, 1979. Over 100,000 Soviet troops took part in the invasion backed by another 100,000 plus and by members of the Parcham faction.
  • 1868

    The first English trout brought to Australia were realised in Riddells Creek.
  • 1868

    Benjamin Disraeli becomes British Prime Minister
  • riddles creeks telephone

    riddles creeks telephone
    riddles creek got there first phone in 1874
  • Happy Birthday Riddells Creek