1848-1849 War of Independence Hungary

By Yurina
  • first session of the new Parliament

    -solve the problems of peasants and nationalities
    -to organize the defence of the country
    -to create the financial basis to fulfill these tasks
  • beginning of War of Independence

    the Ban of Croatia: Josip Jellačić attacked Hungary
    - Ferdinand V didn't stop him
    -Batthyány resigned
  • OHB

    interim government was established: Országos Honvédelmi Bizottmány
  • battle of Pákozd

    János Móga became the commander-in-chief of the Hungarian army
    Móga's army <-> Jellačić army
    -Hungarian victory
    -Móga chased Jellačić's retreated troops
  • the king dissolved the Diet

    -Ferdinand V considered the Hungarian resistance illegal
    -appointed Jellačić to be the omnipotent imperial commander
  • Viennese revolution

    -the imperial court fled to Olmütz
    -Ferdinand V appointed Alfred von Windischgrätz to be the imperial commander-in-chief
    -OHB took over executive power
  • battle of Ozora

    Hungarian victory over Jellačić reserved troops
  • battle of Schwechat

    OHB ordered Móga to chase Jellačić in Austria:
    Hungarian army against the imperial army in Austrian territory
    -imperial victory
    -Móga resigned
    -new commander-in-chief: Artúr Görgei
  • Period: to

    József Bem defended Transylvania

    -he was appointed to be the commander-in-chief to defend Transylvania in December 1848
    -by March 1849 he cleared Transylvania from the enemy
  • new Habsburg ruler: Francis Joseph

    • Ferdinand V was abdicated -he didn't take the Coronation Oath of Hungary so he wouldn't be bound by the April Laws
  • Windischgrätz attacked Hungary

    -the nationalities were also attacking Hungary
  • battle at Mór

    Mór Perczel's army had a battle against the imperial army
    -Hungarian defeat
    -open route to Pest-Buda
  • OHB moved to Debrecen

    after the loss at mór the OHB relocated its capital to Debrecen
  • Windischgrätz marched into Pest

    -Batthyány was imprisoned
    -Görgei went to Upper Hungary to make Windischgrätz follow him
    -Mór Perczel was ordered to defend the route to Debrecen
  • Declaration of Vác

    Görgei issued the Declaration of Vác: he was ready to defend the April Laws
    -conflict between Kossuth and Görgei
  • Henrik Dembinszky

    Kossuth appointed him to be the commander-in-chief after the Declaration of Vác
  • Period: to

    battle at Kápolna

    -counterattack on Windischgrätz's army
    -Hungarian defeat
  • Constitution of Olmütz

    Windischgrätz considered his victory at Kápolna the last one and sent a message to the ruler that he defeated the Hungarians: Francis Joseph issued the Constitution of Olmütz
  • Spring Campaign

    first battle: battle at Hatvan
    -Hungarian victory
  • battle at Isaszeg

    Hungarian victory
  • Declaration of Independence

    passed by the Diet in Debrecen
    - dethronement of the Habsburg dynasty and proclaimed Hungary to be an independent country
    -Kossuth was elected to be the Governor-President
  • battle at Komárom

    the imperial army couldn't occupy the fortified castle of Komárom
  • Period: to

    siege of Buda

    Hunagrian victory
    - all the imperial armies left Hungary
  • declaration of Russian Tsar: he would help Austria to defeat the Hungarians

    -he didn't want a rebellion in Poland
    -he was interested in the Balkans
  • battle of Segesvár

    -to slow down the Russians
    -József Bem's army was fighting against the Russians in Transylvania but they were outnumbered by the Russians
    -Hungarian defeat
  • battole of Temesvár

    Bem's army against Haynau's army
  • surrender in Világos

    Görgei ordered the Hungarian troops to surrender in Világos unconditionally in front of the Russian troops
  • Martyrs of Arad

    13 military leaders of the War of Independence were executed
    - Batthyány was executed in Pest