Justin and Kelly

  • We meet

    We meet...she ignores me :(
  • Ruby's :(

    We start working together. Still, I get ignored.
  • Our first date

    I con her into hanging out. We watch Finding Nemo.
  • I quit Ruby's

    I quite stupid Ruby's and get ready to move to VA.
  • I move to VA

    I move to VA to start a job in te sales department of WebSurveyor (later becomes Vovici).
  • 1 year Anniversary

    I do a lot of begging, she has a lot of tolerance. We make it one year.
  • Kelly comes the Summer

    We fight over the bathroom. "That's not where the shampoo lives dear. Put him in his home!"
  • Still going strong....

    523 turkey sandwhiches and a lot of sleeping on the couch, we are still together!!!