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  • birth of a concept

    birth of a concept
    J~ suggests using TimeToast for good, allowing school faculty to track annual processes and proceedures. Roughly 15 seconds elapse before E~ throws silly comics up on a test version of the product.
  • just to prove you don't need images or descriptive text

  • Neil Gaiman repells Balrogs at Angmar.

    Neil Gaiman repells Balrogs at Angmar.
  • The Great Segway Invasion of '08

    The Great Segway Invasion of '08
    Considered by many to be the ne plus ultra explaination for why guns do not necessarily equal respect or fear.
  • End of product testing

    End of product testing
    Well, these timelines are ridiculously easy to put together. If you're reading this on the AAPS site I've been able to embed it, so I can't imagine any reason not to use it. People editing it will need to log into TimeToast's website rather than GVC. Not a problem, but a heads up. Also, the information posted on this is public. Possibly hidden through obscurity, but this is no place for passwords or anything like that. I'd be leery of describing anything in too much detail.