my journey

By waxwing
  • Be Born~

    Be Born~
    i enterd this world crying,and eb around me were happy.
  • Elementary school graduation

    Elementary school graduation
    Bid farewell to childhood
  • Junior High School

    Junior High School
  • High School

    High School
    Bid farewell to my high school
  • Memorable time in F.A.F.U.

    Memorable time in F.A.F.U.
    since 1999-2003
  • My first JOB

    My first JOB
    Sine 2003-2004 work at 5th Duckery of Fujian,Quanzhou,Majia .
  • Loss Time

    Loss Time
    form 2004 to 2006, i lived a life of instate, even passed CEAC.
  • Yes, I am a Postman

    Yes, I am a Postman
    Work at YongTai Post, as a Administrator.
  • Graphic Artist Designer

    Graphic Artist Designer
    work at F&F up to now
  • You find me at the moment

    You find me at the moment
    It's our destiny to meet.