B7 philip & josh

By dell
  • Cheif Legislative

    Cheif Legislative
    Newlands Reclamation Act signed, leading to first 21 federal irrigation projects including Theodore Roosevelt Dam, Arizona. The importance of this was that it helped control Americas resources
  • Chief Of state

    Chief Of state
    Settles Anthracite Coal Strike. Rosevelt stoped the strike helping the econmy of the U.S.A and got the people back to work.
  • Chief Diplomat

    Chief Diplomat
    Treaty was signed with Panama for building of Panama Canal, which was completed in 1914.The importance of this was it made our foriegn alliance stronger.
  • Comander of cheif

    Comander of cheif
    Portsmouth Treaty signed ending Russo-Japanese War after mediation by Theodore. The importance of this is that it ended war and the killing of people.
  • Political party leader

    Political party leader
    Theodore Rosevelt elected Charles W. Fairbanks (1905%u20131909) as his vice president. Ensures that republicans would be president for the rest of his term.
  • Executive

    First conference of Governors met at the White House to consider problems of conservation.
  • Comander Cheif

    Comander Cheif
    Appointed a National Conservation Commission to prepare first inventory of natural resources. The importance in this is to make sure we dont run out of Natural Resources, because once we do we'll have a big problem on our hands.