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Egyptian Revolution

  • The protests begin

    The protests begin
    <ahref='' >Protest Breaks Out!</a>Influenced by the success of the Tunisian Revolution, which started a month earlier, protestors stormed the streets of Egypt on January 25th. The objection was to overthrow their leader, Mubarak. Thousands of people filled Cairo with protest. The Egyptians were fighting against injustice and torture in the way of their government. Protests started on facebook with hate groups, and turned into an entire two week revolution.
  • Friday of Rage

    Friday of Rage
    Anticipating Friday of Rage
    More and more protestors took the streets of Egypt. However now there were almost 1 million people protesting in the streets now! On this Friday of Rage, things got so chaotic that the army had to take to the steets to calm the people down. With almost all of their power taken away, the army took to gas to get protestors off of the croweded streets.
  • Mubarak Gives Hope

    Mubarak Gives Hope
    Hosni Mubarak gives a speech to the people of Egypt. He says that he recognizes that reforms need to be made. This gives hope to protestors for only a short amount of time. It is realized that reform will probably not happen. Mubarak only said it in his speech to keep protestors from completely going over the edge!
  • Mubarak announces he will not stay in office for another term

    Mubarak announces he will not stay in office for another term
    Mubarak announcing his last termAfter a few days of heavy protesting, Mubarak announces that this will be his last term in office. He said that in September he will step down as leader. Protestors were seen waing their shoes in the air. This is a sign of disrespect in the Arab World.
    Even though this is progress, protestors were going to preservere until Mubarak stepped down completely.
  • Mubarak unhappy with the violence

    Mubarak unhappy with the violence
    Mubarak wants to leave, but can'tIn an interview with ABC, Mubarak says that he would like to step down from office, but he was worried that it may make things worse and increase the chaos in Egypt. Some other quotes form the interview include "I do not want to see Egyptians fighting each other." and "President Obama is a good man"
  • Key Members Step Down From Office

    Key Members Step Down From Office
    Mubarak's son steps down from power
    Egypt's leading, ruling political party announced that they will be resigning from office. Along with them, Hosni Mubarak's son, Gamal Mubarak stepped down from power as well. It was not clear of Gamal was next to the heir, but these large powers stepping down were said to be a sign of reform.
  • Fair elections!

    Fair elections!
    Fair Voting
    The Vice President of Egypt, Suleiman, announced that a committee has decided to change the voting system in Egypt. Voting would now be done in a more fairly manner,
  • Mubarak Steps Down From Power

    Mubarak Steps Down From Power
    Mubarak Steps Down
    In a speech Vice President Suleiman announced that Hosni Mubarak would be stepping down from power and turning power over to the Supreme Council of Armed Forces. After 18 days of constant protest the people of Egypt finally got what they were looking for all along!
  • Egypt Rebuilding Itself

    Egypt Rebuilding Itself
    Change Begins With Cleaning The Streets
    After an 18 day all out protest, Egypt was dirty from all of the chaos. Officials organized a clean up of Egypt. Signs, trash, and other miscellaneous items were thrown away. Tahrir Square in Cairo (where most of the protesting took place) was the dirtiest place to clean up. Egypt was getting itself together and back on track.
  • Egypt Announces New Working Constitution

    Egypt Announces New Working Constitution
    Egypt is set to announce new constitutionOn March 31st, Egypt will announce a new working constitution. This will be temporary until the new officers take office in Egypt in September. Unlike past constitutions, this one will consider the rights and freedom of the people.