• Napoloeon

    Napoleon invaded Egypt in 1798 . This marked the beginning of a lot more social and economic history in the Middle East.
  • Economy

    The British goal upon landing in Egypt was the stabalize the region. They tried fighting business opportunities and defended Egypt against all challengers. An overland route was opened in 1840s and railways were opened in the 1850s.
  • Period: to

    British rule

    The British Procterate began in 1882. Meaning that Egypt was under partial control of the Europeans. After 40 years, Egypt gained their independence under King Fuad I.
  • Revolution

    Muhammed Naguib became the 1st president of Egypt and this signified the start of modern governing.
  • Period: to


    Egypt chose it's first 5 year developement program. In 1965, they showed progress. The national income had increased about 4%. New jobs were created and wages had increased. This was a major shift in policy.
  • Health

    The National Charter of 1962 stated that "the right of health welfare is foremost among the rights of every citizen." Health improvents have been made since the Revolution of 1952. Public spending for health increased nearly 500% between 1952 and 1976. As a result, the average Egyptian now lives longer and stayed healthier