By aisita
  • Colonized

    France occupies Niger.
  • Republic of the French Communtiy

    Niger becomes an aoutonomous republic of the French Community.
  • Independence In Niger

    Independence In Niger
    Niger Independence DayNiger gains its complete Independence frm France.
  • Period: to

    Severe Drought

    A severe drought devastates Niger's livestock and crop production.
  • Constitution

    A new constitution brings Niger back to civilian rule, but under a one-party system.
  • Slavery Banned

    Niger banned slavery in 2003.
  • Mortality rate up due to Measles

    Children suffered a high mortality rate because of a preventable disease.
  • Famine due to lack of proper health care

    A famine broke out making people die due to shortage of food and lack of proper health care.
  • National Stike

    Unions call a national strike to revolt against the high cost of living.
  • Pressure on Health and Education

    Health and educations ministers are sacked following pressure from donors who allege corruption.
  • Third largest uranium producer

    Niger is the world's third largest uranium producer in the world. Countries are trying to tap into Niger's cheap uranium to make nuclear stuff.
  • Overthrow of Presided Mamadou Tanja

    Niger NewsOn this day, soldiers overthrew the government.