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Underfround to Canada Timeline

  • Event 1

    Event 1
    Chapter 1
    Pg: 16- Jullily’s mom tells her about Canada. This is important because when she tells Jullily about the free land Jullily wants to go there and be with her mother.
  • Event 2

    Event 2
    Chapter 2
    Pg: 20- Sims bought Jullily from her owner and she is ripped away from her mother. This is important because her mom told her about Canada and says she would meet her there.
  • Event 3

    Event 3
    Chapter 3
    Pg: 26-27- A free boy gives them water and tells them works for the Whiteman and is not his slave. Jullily starts thinking about freedom and Canada.
  • Event 5

    Event 5
    Chapter 5
    Pg: 35- Jullily meets Liza and there unbreakable friendship begins.
  • Event 6

    Event 6
    Chapter 6
    Pg: 42- Jullily tells Liza about Canada. This is important because now they both know about Canada.
  • Event 7

    Event 7
    Chapter 7
    Pg: 46-47- Alexander Ross explains he is from Canada. This is important because they now know someone from Canada.
  • Event 8

    Event 8
    Chapter 8
    Pg: 54- Lester tells Jullily about Canada. This is important because they have a chance at freedom.
  • Event 9

    Event  9
    Pg; 62-67-Lester, Adam, Jullily, Liza start on their journey and start towards Canada.
  • Event 10 and 11

    Event 10 and 11
    Chapter 10
    Pg: 68- Lester tells them he knows how to read. This is important because it shows the runaways that slaves can read. Pg: 71- Jullily goes and asks the white man if he is their freind. This is important because he says the password correctly and shows the girls that even white people can be trusted.
  • Event 12

    Event 12
    Chapter 12
    Pg: 79- Lester and Adam get captured. This is important because it shows the risks of freedom to the girls.
  • Event 13

    Event 13
    Chapter 14
    Pg: 102-103- They meet Jeb Brown and he tells them he met Lester and Adam. This is important because it shows that white people can care about you and also Lester and Adam are close to freedom.
  • Event 14

    Event 14
    Chapter 16
    Pg: 112-116- The girls meet Levi Coffin, the president of the Underground Railway, and his wife takes care of them and sends them on a train to the Mayflower.
  • Event 15

    Event 15
    Chapter 18 to the End
    Pg: 126-end- The girls board the Mayflower and they get to Canada. They meet Lester but Adam has died. when they get there Jullily meets her mother!