My life DannyMar


    Clinica Asuncion
    PATTERNS: Juan Orozco Ardila (Ing. Civil) and Danny Aldana Balaguera (Fisioterapeuta)
    BROTHERS: Andrea Orozco A. (High School Student)
  • My First Trip

    My First Trip
    To Albania (Guajira) and my parentes celebrate my first five months
  • Mi First Theeths

  • My First Carnivals

    My First Carnivals
  • MyFirst Steps

    MyFirst Steps
    Mi Mom said: "finally"
  • My First International Trip

    My First International Trip
    To Costa Rica
  • Mi First day at School

    Mi First day at School
  • Birth of my Sister

    Birth of my Sister
  • Mi First Christmas Show

    Mi First Christmas Show
    At Amira De la Rosa Theater
  • Trip to Orlando, Florida

  • My baptism

    My baptism
    At Torcoroma Church
  • Mi First Communion

    Mi First Communion
  • Primary Graduation

  • My Fifteen Years

    At Windsor Hotel
  • My High School Graduation

    My High School Graduation
  • Income to the University

    Income to the University
    Actually I´m studying International Relatonsship at Universidad del Norte
  • My Dreams

    Finally, I want graduate and I want to wotk in my own bussiness