Diminishing Progress

By marcosp
  • Anthony Johnson's Property

    Anthony Johnson's Property
    After twenty years of slavery Anthony Johnson and his wife, Mary, aquire 250 acres of land. Anthony Johnson also has two slaves by the name of John Casar and Mary Gersheene. Anthony Johnson will give lots of land to his son when he grows up.
  • Period: to

    Diminishing Progress

  • Document B

    Document B
    On this day Anthony Johnson, an African American, goes to court over his former slave John Casar. John Casar loses and becomes Anthony Johnson's slave once again. life is still good because you already have someone to work for you and your family.
  • ActI

    In this act, it stated that if you disobey your slave owner you can be killed by them. Another thing they could do is torcher you or extend your time for working as their slave. You could get torchered and you won't be able to do anything about it.
  • ActIV

    In this act, it stated that if you a negro or an Indian you cannot by a christian servant. Lots of pepole are become christian servants. So, now you have a harder time finding a slave for you to buy.
  • Chap. XXII

    Chap. XXII
    In this act, it stated that the negro, mulatto, and Indian slaves are now considered as property. They are basicly known as property. Life is getting harder because you are now worth nothing. Now it is like you don't even exist.