Diminishing Progress

By jqueen
  • Period: to

    Life of Anthony Johnson and Sons

  • Act X

    Act X
    Thia act proclaims that an African American man could not own guns or amunition. This is important because this is first law to start supressing African Americans. To not be able to own guns means you could not hunt for your own food or be able to protect yourself. Without this ability you have a harder time staying alive. This also shows the first step of diminishing progress from father to son.
  • Court Case Doc. A

    Court Case Doc. A
    Anthony Johnson now owns land. This is an important date in this progress to me because this shows that at one point in 1600s Virginia a man of African decent could own land and could carve his own mark in life. This also starts the diminishing progress because you have to start good then have life bring you down to show diminishing progress. This is the good start for the Johnson family.
  • Act III

    Act III
    This act states that being a slave and then being baptized does not exepmt you from slavery. This also shows that slaves were being slowly supressed because they are saying that becoming Christian after becoming bonded into slavery does not free you.
  • Act IV

    Act IV
    This act declares that people of African American desent could not be eligable to hold office. If a African American was already in office when this law was passed he must pay 500 pounds of current money and 20 pounds for each month he countinue to saty in office.
  • Act XXII

    Act XXII
    This act declares that all African American, Indians, or Mulatto are real estate. Thismeans they are officaly property and do not have rights. Now they could be leagaly bought and sold to and from white men. This is the ending point in diminishing progress because being an Indian, African American, or Mulatto means you are by law property to whomever bought you. You no longer have any rights or opportunites in the world.