Melba Patilio, warrior's Don't Cry

By tsoniah
  • Melba was born in a big uproar

  • Melba Got Injured Her Scalp

  • Period: to

    Melba and Little Rock Central High School

  • Melba's mother was 1st Integrated from University

  • Melba was almost going to raped

  • Brown vs Board of Education told seperate school were illigal

  • Little Rock adopted a plan to limit integration to central H.S.

  • They Hoped Things in Little Rock Will Change

  • NAACP field suit Federal Court make school integrated

  • Judge Orders Integration

  • Faubus calls national guard to keep school segregated

  • U.S Court summons served on governor

  • Segregationist Advertised a Lot to Join Their Group.

  • First Day at School in" LITTLE ROCK CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL".

  • Government said all student will go to same school.

  • The soldiers stop them to enter the Little rock Central High school.

  • Guard takes over at school

  • Nine negroes begin 12th week at CHS with no incidents.

  • The Nine Who Dared

  • Army toCut Guard Force At Central High School By 432 Men

  • Little Rock Story Second on Ap's Best List

  • Judge Lemley to Hear School Board's Petition

  • Central High School Blacks Pass.

  • They had won their court battle.

  • They waited as long as could for Faubus to open the school.

  • The Little Rock Nine come together for the first time