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Colombia Timeline

  • Mar 2, 1502

    Alonso de Ojeda

    Alonso de Ojeda
    Alonso de Ojeda founded Santa Cruz, the first city in Colombia.
  • Jan 1, 1525

    Spanish Conquest

    Spanish Conquest
    Spain begins it conquest of Columbia.
  • Battle of Boyaca

    Battle of Boyaca
    The Battle of Boyaca and Colombia finally gains its indepence from Spain.
  • Gran Confederation

    Gran Confederation
    The Gran Confederation is formed.
  • Colombian Constitution

    Colombian Constitution
    The Colombia Constitution is created by President Rafael Nunuez and the country adopts its official name "The Republic of Colombia."
  • Thousand Days' War

    Thousand Days' War
    The Thousand Days' War begins.
  • Thousand Days' War Treaty

    Thousand Days' War Treaty
    A treaty is signed that ends the war.
  • Women Suffrage

    Women Suffrage
    Women gain the right to vote.
  • Colombian Constitution Assembly

    Colombian Constitution Assembly
    The Constitution of 1886 is replaced with the current Constitution of Rights.
  • Commercial Treaties

    Commercial Treaties
    The national government of Colombia signs commercial treaties with Mexico, Ecuador and Venezuela.