Ancient Egypt´s first dinasty

By Jose1
  • Look at this first

    Everything here is BC so you have to start from the ending and end from the beggining, and the dates are not the exact date.
  • The end of the first dinasty

    Qa´aq ends her reign which means she is the last pharaoh of the First Dinasty.
  • Pharaoh stop

    Semefkhet stopped ruling after nine years which makes him the pharaoh who ruled the less time in the first dinasty of Ancient Egypt.
  • Qa´aq

    Qa´aq the last pharaoh of Egypt starts her reign.
  • Anedjib goes down

    Anedjib ruled ten years being the second pharaoh who ruled less than other pharaohs.
  • The second last pharaoh

    Semerkhet starts ruling Egypt in 2925 bc.
  • Sixth pharaoh steps down

    Once upon a time Den stopped ruling Egypt after forty straight years of having control of Ancient Egypt.
  • Sevnth pharaoh starts to rule

    Anedjib ruled Egypt for ten straight years after the last pharaoh ruled.
  • Djed ruled once

    Djed stopped ruling for the next pharaoh to step in Egypts history.
  • Den rules

    Den the sixth pharaoh of the first dinasty, started his new job, whic is ruling Egypt.
  • Djer stops ruling

    Djer lived happy while he was th pharaoh of Egypt until he died.
  • The first girl pharaoh

    Merneith, the first pharaoh who was a woman, ruled just one year, 3008 bc.
  • Fifth pharaoh, Djet

    Djet , the fifth pharaoh, starts his roll in ruling Egypt in justice.
  • Secon pharaohs reign ends

    Hor-Aha´s reign ends becausse nobody liked him.
  • Third pharaoh

    The third pharaoh, Djer, starts his ruling on 3049.
  • End of Narmers reign

    Narmer, after 62 years of reigning Egypt, an hipopotamus killed him.
  • Second pharaoh

    Hor-Aha, the second pharaoh of Egypt starts his reign in Ancient Egypt.
  • 1st Dinasty begins

    Narmer, the first pharaoh of Egypt joined Upper and Lower Egypt.He became the first pharaoh around 3100 b.c..