Ulysses s grant

Ulysses S. Grant

  • Hiram Ulysses Grant is born.

    Ulysses Grant is born in Point Pleasant, Ohio.
  • Period: to

    Mexican War

    Grant fights in the Mexican War.
  • Period: to

    Civil War

    Grant fights in the Civil War, rising to the rank of full General, a rank held previously only by George Washington.
  • Grant forces Lee to surrender at Appomatox

  • Grant becomes U.S's first 4-Star General.

  • Period: to

    Grant is President of the United States.

  • 15th Amendment Ratified

    The 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is ratified.
  • Period: to

    French-Prussian War

    France declares war on Prussia. After a string of defeats, France surrenders.
  • Britian adopts the Ballot Act.

    Britain adopts the Ballot Act, which provides voting by secret ballot.
  • Lieutenant Custer defeated at Little Big horn.

  • Period: to

    Ottoman Empire is at war.

    The Ottoman Empire remains at war with multiple countries during this time: Russia, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania.
  • Colorado becomes a state.

    Grant declares Colorado a U.S. state.
  • Hiram Ulysses Grant dies.

    Ulysses grant dies of cancer in the throat in Saratoga Springs, New York.
  • Period: to

    Grant's Memoirs are published.

    Unknown exact date.