Chap. 17.

  • Feb 22, 1543

    Nicolaus Copernicus publishes On the Revolutions of heavenly Spheres

    He thought that the sun centered conception of the universe offered a more accurate explantion than did the Proemaic system
  • Galileo Galliei pusblishes Starry MEssenger

    published to make europeans aware of the new view of the universe and how it works
  • Rene Descartes writes Discourse on Method

    "I think therefore I am" was his first princible
  • Isaac Newton publishes Principia

    In this work Newton defines the three laws on motion
  • John Locke writes Essay concerning human understanding

    Not sure what year, it just said seventeenth century in the book... But it argued that every person was born with a blank mind.
  • First dailey newspaper published in london

    they were cheap and even provided in coffee houses
  • Hanovers take the British crown.

    Te first king did not speak english, they favored expanision.
  • Maria Theresa inherites the thrown

    worked to centrailize and strengthen the state
  • war of austrian succession

    fought in three areas of the world, after seven years of warfare made the treaty of aix-la-chapelle
  • Montesque writes the spirit of laws

    it was a study of government, he used the scientific method to try and find natural laws that govern the social and political relationships of human beings
  • Period: to

    Diderot published the Encycolpedia

    he wanted to change the general way of thinking.
  • Rousseau writes the social contract.

    In a social contract everyone in a society agrees to be governed by its general will
  • Catherine the great rules russia

    until 1796. Favored enlightment reforms
  • Period: to

    Catherine the Great ruled Russia

    She was familar with the words of the philosophes and see,ed to favor enlightened reforms.
  • Voltaire writes Treatise of Toleration

    In this he reminded the government thar all men are brothers under god.
  • On crimes and punishments was written by Cesare Beccarina

    Agrued that punishments should not be experienced in brutality.
  • Stamp act imposed on colonies.

    Brittish needed money to help pay for the war
  • first continetal congress meets in philadelphia

    Urged colonists to "take up arms and organize militias"
  • Adam Smith writes the wealth of Nations

    Believed that states should not interfer in economic matters
  • Mary Wollstonecraft publishes A windications of the rights of women.

    This identified two promblems with the view of many enlightenment thinkers. she wrote that the same people who argued that women must obey men argued that the government should be based on arbitratary power.
  • Treaty of Paris signed

    the independence of the merican colones were recongized