• Egyotian Protest begin

    Egyotian Protest begin
    More than one million people around all Egypt called for an end to Mubarak's rule. The people gather because they don't want Muharak to have presidential power in Egypt anymore. They wanted to end the corruption and police repression and democratic reforms of the political system.
  • The protest continues in Egypt

    The protest continues in Egypt
    John McCain the U.S senator from Arizona posted a tweet "urging Mubarak to step down and relinquish power". On this same day clashes have erupt between anti-Mubarak protesters and people who support Mubarak at Abdul Menim Riad Square, near Tahrir Square, in Cairo.
  • Egypt protest...

    Egypt protest...
    The 3 journalist that were arrested have been released.William Hague, British Foreign Secretary, said that the interference with the internet and mobile networks and the harassment of the journalists in Egypt were unacceptable. At least 10 people were killed in the Clashes. The vice president of egypt said that those who called for Mubarak to leave are not part of Egypts culture.
  • Protest gets worse

    Protest gets worse
    Hundreds of people still stayed in Cairo's Tahirir Square and they called this day "The day of departure". Chant urgest Mubarak to leave reveberate across the square.On tis day the country enters the 11th day of unrest and mass demonstrations.
  • People in Cairo's Tahir square

    People in Cairo's Tahir square
    The thousands of people that remain in the Cairo's Tahir square fear to be evacuted from there by the military. According to the Egyptian health minister 11 people have died while the United Nations said 300 people might have been killed across the country since the protest began. The news people said more than 150 people have been dead in morgues in Alexandria, Suez and Cairo. The leadership of Egypts National Democratic resigns this includes the son of Honsi Mubarak who is Gamal Mubarak.
  • More concessions

    More concessions
    Omar Suleiman the vice president of egypt talks with opposition groups, he includes the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood. He wants a sweeping set of reforms for example restoring press freedoms and having back the police power. suleiman refused a key of the opposition demand. Which led to Mubarak's resignation which happened very quickly.
  • No half revolution

    No half revolution
    When Suleiman spoke to the news and was on television, there he announced that a timetable which was set for the peaceful transfer of power. The crowd that was in Tahrir Square promised not to give up until Mubarak is finally out and also his close allies. Ayman Farag, a Cairto lawyer said "What has happened so far is only half a revolution," Everybody hopes for this revolution to come to an end.
  • Mubarak gives up

    Mubarak gives up
    The protestants finally get Mubarak to resign on this day February 11th 2011. The day before Mubarak refused to resign after he resign he gave all the power and control to the military. After 18 days of people trying to get Mubarak to step down, he finally did, The Egyptians were very happy and stayed celebrating outside Mubarak's presidental palace in Cairo.