• Protests against Egyptian President begin.

    Protests against Egyptian President begin.
    On January 25th, 2011 the people of Egypt finally began rebelling against president Mubarak. Protests started with thousands of Egyptians piling into Cairo, Egypt's capital. Most of these protests were non-violent, but some came up here and there.
  • Day of Rage

    Day of Rage
    After friday prayers protesters went to Cairo and many other Egyptian cities to protest teh President. Even leader Muhammad came to support. There were incidences of violence and the international fear of these riots turning violent grew.
  • Rule Breaking Rioters

    Rule Breaking Rioters
    Because of the escalated fear of violence Egyptian government sent police to control the issue. Police set a curfew for protestors to obey. Instead protestors stayed breaking the governments set curfew. The military was brought to Cairo to control the rioters, but they refused to use live ammunition.
  • Mumbarak Compromises

    Mumbarak Compromises
    On February 1st Mumbarak addressed his nation, stating that in September 2011 he would NOT run for another term. He also promised a political reform. People who were pro-Mumbarak started to break out in violent acts agains anti-Mubarak protestors. He also said he would stay in office and make a peaceful transition.
  • Vioence Grows

    Vioence Grows
    Violence escalated as the two groups clashed. Military stepped in to decrease escalating problems. President Mumbarak still refused to step down as President, speculations began to occur stating that Mumbarak did this on prupose to increase violence so he could step in and make peace.
  • Cairo Continues to Fight

    Cairo Continues to Fight
    Sunday mass was held in Cairo's main square. The mass was protected by a ring of muslims. As the mass ended Egyptian Military increased security to protect famous museums and sites. The vice president Omar Sulemain offered to give politcal reforms to end protests. Mumbarak regime accuses the US and other countires of interferring with Egypt.
  • Egypt Formally Addressed

    Egypt Formally Addressed
    Mumbarak publically annouced his resignation. He stated that all his powers would transfer to the Vice President. Mumbarak told his people he would remain in Egypt as the head of state. Protestors stayed in Tahrir Sqaure celebrating what they had been fighting for for years.
  • Friday of Departure

    Friday of Departure
    Protests continued throughout the night. In the morning the Vice President announced Mumbarak's resignation and deemed the military control of Egypt.
  • Suspended Constitution

    Suspended Constitution
    The Supreme Council got rid of Egypt's parliament and suspended their Constitution. The Supreme Council stated that they would be in charge for six months or until an election takes place.