Egypt Protest

  • FIRE!!!!!!!!

    A 25-year-old unemployed man dies after setting himself ablaze in the northern city of Alexandria. Another man, a lawyer in his forties, sets himself alight outside government headquarters in Cairo.
  • Period: to


  • The Drama begins.

    The Drama begins.
    Protests started on Tuesday, January 25, when -- inspired by the successful revolution in Tunisia -- thousands began taking to the streets to protest poverty, unemployment, government corruption
  • Tear Gas

    Tear Gas
    Thousands of people demonstrate in Egyptian towns, despite a strict ban imposed by the authorities. Egyptian police fire tear gas at protesters. In Cairo a protester and a policeman are killed in clashes. In Suez, 55 demonstrators and 15 police officers injured in clashes.
  • Death

    At least 24 people are killed and more than 1,000 wounded in clashes throughout Egypt, 13 are killed in Suez. Mubarak extends a curfew to all cities in Egypt.
  • Protest, Protest & More Protest

    Protest, Protest & More Protest
    Tens of thousands of protesters flood Cairo streets, ignoring an extended 4pm to 8am curfew, also applied in Alexandria and Suez. Clashes break out with security forces.
    Three people are killed in the capital while a mob in Rafah kills three police.
  • Round 2

    Round 2
    Thousands of convicts break out of prisons. Pan-Arab satellite television channel Al Jazeera is ordered to close in Egypt.
    The United States and several other governments prepare to evacuate their nationals from Egypt.
    The White House says that in calls to regional leaders President Barack Obama has voiced support for "an orderly transition to a government that is responsive to the aspirations of the Egyptian people".
  • Not good enough

    Not good enough
    The army calls for protesters to leave the streets and curfew hours are eased. Crowds gather in Tahrir Square for a ninth day of protest, rejecting Mubarak's timetable to leave.

    More than 200,000 people packed Cairo's Tahrir Square demanding Mr Mubarak stand down after he defied predictions and again pledged to remain president until September. In a highly-anticipated televised address, he told the nation he would delegate power to deputy president Omar