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Egypt Protest

  • People in Egypt start to protest

    People in Egypt start to protest
    People in Egypt started to protest against their governer because they basically had a dictator. The people in Sgypt are not being treated fairly. They really can not find jobs. Also young people do not really have a good education.
  • The Egyptian protest continues

    The Egyptian protest continues
    People in Egypt are protesting more. Police can not interact because most agree with the people who live in egypt. Some soldiers try to help their gorverner but they get out number. People in Egypt will con tinue to protest.
  • Egypt's protest is getting better

    Egypt's protest is getting better
    People call the egyptians protest Breakiang the Fear factor. People in Egypt aren't scared to speak anymore. they are going to confront the president. they are tired of taking orders from the president.
  • People in Egypt get tough

    People in Egypt get tough
    People styarted getting injured because they are not getting what they want. the progovernment people are not allowing antigovermnet people press charges for injuries. that is causing more chaos. the ngovernment should just give up and let this country have a better president because obiously this one is not working for them and they want to be free.
  • The Protest continues

    The Protest continues
    People in Egypt will not give up. they are protesting harder. in fact so hard that a man lost his life and 611 people got injured. The injuries were caused by fireguns the protesters used. This proteast will have to stop before more people gvet hurt or injured.
  • People in Egypt pray

    People in Egypt pray
    People in Egypt pray so that there protests will work.People in Egypt bow their whole bodies as they pray. I hope that the Egytians prayers work and help them go through this with nomore violence. People in Egypt will not have to use violence if they protest with peace.
  • Egypt gathers with Tahrir

    Egypt gathers with Tahrir
    Thousands of Egyptians gather in Tahrir Square to again press for an end to Mubarak’s 30-year rule, I thought it was good that they gathered with outher people in there country. I think people in Egypt are getting stonger as a country i mean.Sadly there had to be 150 deaths and 830 injured.
  • Victoruy in Egypt

    Victoruy in Egypt
    Wow! People in Egypt won there Protest! Now people don't have to die to get freedom. Now Egypt could have some peace at last. Egypt will remember this day forever!