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My family and Me

  • My Dad's Birth

    My Dad's Birth
    My dad was born!
  • My mom's birth

    My mom's birth
    My mom was born!
  • My Parents Were Married

    My Parents Were Married
    This date in history began the process of all of their wonderful children being born.
  • Emily's Birth

    Emily's Birth
    My oldest sister Emily was born. Emily now resides in Washington D.C. with her husband Doug.
  • Lolly's Birth

    Lolly's Birth
    My sister Lolly, who is the second oldest, was born. Lolly and her husband Josh, who we call Edge, live in Chicago. Edge is in medical school at University of Chicago. They hope to get residency in Mobile!
  • Annie's Birth

    Annie's Birth
    Annie's blogThe third oldest, Annie was born. Annie now lives in Chattanooga with her husband, Christopher and 6 month old baby Sarah Claire. Annie blogs regularly.
  • My birthday!

    My birthday!
    I was born on March 20, 1990 at Provicence Hospital. 13 minutes later came my twin sister Mary Ashley!
  • Austin's Birth

    Austin's Birth
    My youngest and only borther was born.
  • Period: to

    Elementary School

    I went to Mary B. Austin Elementary School from first to fifth grade. I loved that school so much! My first grade teacher there is the reason I wanted to be a first grade teacher!
  • Period: to

    Middle School

    I went to Phillips Preparatory School for middle school. I hated it at the time, but looking back it was such a preparation for high school! I'm so thankful I got to experience that school.
  • High School

    High School
    I began high school at Murphy High School. I loved every minute of it. It has such a spirit about it that can only be explained if you went there. Murphy was one of the most memorable experiences I have had growing up.
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    I graduated from high shcool in 2008 with no idea as to where I was going to collge.
  • Period: to

    Jacksonville State University

    After finally deciding on Jacksonville State University for the education program, we moved up there in August. I went to Jacksonville for 2 years and had the time of my life.
  • South Bound

    South Bound
    On July 17, 2010 my twin and I decided it was time to move back home and we transferred to University of South Alabama. I major in elementary education. I miss my friends in Jacksonville, but I have gotten to reuinite with my old friends here and I have met some awesome new friends as well!