industrial revolution timeline 14307

By 14307
  • Flying Shuttle

    Flying Shuttle
    The Flying Shuttle was invented by John Kay
  • Spinning Wheel

    Spinning Wheel
    The Spinning Wheel made for weaving was invented by James Hargreaves
  • Efficent Steam Engine

    Efficent Steam Engine
    James Watt made an efficent way for steam engines to work
  • Water Frame

    Water Frame
    The Water Frame was invented my Richard Arkwright.
  • Adam Smith

    Adam Smith
    Adam Smith wrote his book The Wealth of Nations
  • Spinning Mule

    Spinning Mule
    The Spinning Mule was invented by Samuel Crompton
  • Utilitarianism

    Jeremy Bentham, John Mill, and Robert Owen
  • First American Factory

    First American Factory
    Moses Brown starts first factory in America
  • Jeremy Bentham

    Jeremy Bentham
    Introduced the philosophy of utilitarianism
  • Cotton Gin

    Cotton Gin
    The Cotton Gin was invented by Eli Whitney
  • Capitalism

    Thomas Malthus, David Ricardo, and Adam Smith all wrote pieces on capitalism.
  • Socialism

    Charles Fourier and Saint-Simon
  • Reform

    Unionization was reform to try to get better jobs and more money.
  • William Wilberforce

    William Wilberforce
    Helped fight to free slaves in Britain
  • Abolishment of Slavery

    Abolishment of Slavery
    Parliment passed a bill to end the slave trade in the British West Indies in 1807 and then the whole Britain empire in 1833.
  • Karl Marx

    Karl Marx
    Wrote The Communist Manifesto
  • Women

    Women started to get jobs in factories and running settlement houses for people in need.
  • Communism

    Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
  • U.S

    The U.S abolished slavery when the Union won the Civil War.
  • Corporations

    Corporations like Standard Oil run by John D. Rockefellar and Carnegie Steel Company run by Andrew Carnegie started to shoot up