the outsiders

  • chapter 1

    as ponyboy comes home from the movies he is jumped by a couple of socs in a red corvair.
  • chapter 2

    dally was waiting for johnny at the corner of picket ans sutton to go to the drugstore. later on there was a pretty good fight between a 23 year old and a mexican hitc hiker, we left when the switchblades came out.
  • chapter 3

    they leave the movies with marcia and cherry. then a blue mustang showed up beside them, it was cherrys boyfired Bob the soc and some of his friends. But no one faught.
  • chapter 4

    darry hits pony boy. ponyboy and johnny run away,
    the socs pull up really drunk and they try to jump pony and johnny. Johnny stabs bob the soc and the rest of the socs run away. they goto tim shepards house to find dally to get some help and then they hop the train to windrixville.
  • chapter 5

    pony and Johnny arrive in windrixville and they ask where Jay mountain is. as soon as they figure out where it is they go to the top of it and hide out in an old abandonned church and Johnny buys a weeks supply of food.
  • chapter 6

    dalls has already met themat the church and has taken them out to Dairy Queen for lunch. they talk about what has happened and Johnny has decided to turn himself in.they come back from Dairy Queen and the church is on fire.
    ponyboy rushes into the church and Johnny followed him to save the little childrens they come back from Dairy Queen and the church is on fire.
  • chapter 7

    pony gets out of the hospital and goes back to his home while johnny is in unstable condition and dally just needs to get better.
    the big rumble is coming up soon.
  • chapter 8

    the big rumble beggins, greasers win gthe big rumble. they are happy
  • chapter 9

    they find out that johnny is dying and they are sad.
  • chapter 10

    ponyboy finds out that johnny is dead and he gets home and dally calls their house and says that he robbed a grogery store and that the cops are after him.
    he tells them to meet them at the lot so they can hide him, Dally get shot by the police after he pulls out his unloaded gun.
  • chapter 11

    ponyboy has to stay at home for a whole week because he was sick.
    randy shows up and pony and Randy talk about seeing the judge the next day.
  • chapter 12

    the next day they went to court. randy was questioned then the rest of the socs were questioned.
    then cherry valance.
    then the judge questioned ponyboy. In the end pony got to stay with his brothers.
    but from then on, pony become clumsy,forgetful and he quit eating alot.