Katy Rensink

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    My life thus far.

  • My favorite summer pastime

    My favorite summer pastime
    Tropical Sno My little brother, Kyle, and myself on a sunny, summer day. I chose to put my fifth birthday on my timeline because this is when I got my ears pierced and it was traumatizing. I will never forget it. Another reason I chose this day is because it's in the summer and I love the summer. I chose to use a link for Tropical Sno for this event because during the summer months, Kyle and I can always be found indulging in an sugar infested icee.
  • Okoboji

    Vacation Okoboji My family bought a home in Okoboji, IA on the West Lake Okoboji Harbor. Today, we spend our summers as a family in Okoboji. This is my most favorite place in the world.
  • 16th birthday

    16th birthday
    Toyota When I turned 16 years old, I was blessed with my car!! I was thrilled.