7, Lookig back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

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    Question 7.

  • Planning and Preparation

    In our preliminary task we did a photo storyboard and storyboard this helped get a general idea of the plot. We did this roughly in our main task. We created a rough storyboard to get an idea of the story in shots, however we had a clear idea of our plot so we decided to create a animatic. We added music to this aswel. This then gave us a idea od what our final product looked like, We also found things we did and didn't like. Most importantly we showed it to our focus group. feedback.
  • Organisation Skills

    We thought it was particularly important to organise our time. Therefore we decided on our actors early on. It was lucky we did this because we discovered that some of our actors could not take part in filming. Therefore we had to change them. We organised who would get the different props,. This was very important otherwise we would not have rememembered everything.
  • Technical Skills

    We had a vague idea on how to use the filming resources, frmo the preliminary task. However because the main task was more challenging it was vital we learnt how to use the equipment efficiently. So we tested moving the camera and attaching it to the tripod. This ensured we had no trouble when filming and we got the smooth shots we wanted.
  • Organisation of time

    We tried to organised our time accordingly. However we could have been more organised because we were rushed to certain timelines.
  • Post-Production

    We learnt a variety of skills in the editing process. We understand that continit editing is important in creating a real product. Therefore we experiementd by using effects such as, changing the brightness of shots, un linking sound, creating key frames to take our sound or fade shots. We then also learnt how to slow down shots. We tried to make sure that it was ea seamless product, in which you could follow the storyline clearly.
  • Audience Feeback

    We understood the importance of audience feedback and how it influenced our decision during the editing process. We showed our focus group clips of our media product throughout the process, asking for feedback. It was important to do this because as an editor we get used to watching the same shots over and over we dont recognise any mistakes. Our focus group were helpful in determining further editing decision.
  • What is the biggest thing I've learnt?

    During this project i have learnt how to create certain effects on shots and how to create titles. The editing process was my favourite part and i was open to trying any new effects that would make our product more effect and look real. I also learnt teamwork with my partner, it was important we took each others advice and tried both of our ideas to see what looked more effective.