The Vietnam War

  • France Invades Vietnam

    France Invades Vietnam
    it happend during 1858-1884. France made colonies in veitnam.
  • Japan invaded Veitnam

    Japan invaded Veitnam
  • First shiploads of U.S arms come to Veitnam

    they come to aid pro-french veitnam.
  • us millatary aids amounted to more than $500 million

    thats alot of money for a war
  • Eight nations sighn sponsored SEATO treaty

  • president Nixion create a 5 point peace plan.

  • the veitnam cease fire

  • South Veinam surrenders

    in other words they did not win the war
  • veitnam memorial dedicated

    In Washington D.C maya ying lin desighned the veitnam memorial