The first technichal programme I used was ... is somewhere where you can share pieces or work , essays , videos , (etc..) ... I would of thought using a blog would of kept me alot more organised and in control of my work. Unfortunatly I wasnt most impressed by blogger , due to the fact that to keep organised you had to keep updating it. Although blogger is a handy place to keep all your work to show to other people.
  • mini dtv camera

    mini dtv camera
    Before I made my title sequence I had to learn about many technology uses, such as the mini DV camera , which was used in a digital format of a vinery code. The good thing about using a digital format is that there is no loss of quality. As the camera is tape based all the clips had to be captured onto the computer by something called a fire wire cable.
  • razor tool.

    I learnt alot about the razor tool in premiere pro , the razor tool is basically a cutter. For example , you have a clip which you want to cut in half , you then simply select the tool button for ' razor ' and cut on the clip , exactly where you want to cut it.
  • Adobe on Location

    Adobe on Location
    We caputured all the clips off the tape and on to the computer using , on location , on location is a software in which it allows you too capture clips and save them as media files.
    By doing this I learn’t how to capture ... the technique in which we press play on the tape and then record on the software ( using the mouse ) , you then click again when you have enough of what you want for one clip.
  • Premiere pro.

    I learnt a lot in premier pro, at the start of using the software I didn’t really know much about it, although as time went on , I learnt how to do a lot , such as adding in effects , like the dissolve and fade , as well as adding in sound effects and music , which were from a copy right free website, we also used the razor tool which let us cut a clip into two.
  • chunking

    using that razor tool , which we learnt about , we took the clip and cut it into small pieces , every other part of the clip we deleted..
    it was then left like this... ( I = clip ). I I I I I I I ... (etc) we then put all these clips together .. it then gave this clip a different effect and made it look like it was ' chunking' the pieces together.
  • Dissolve/fade button in premiere pro.

    By using the dissolve/ fade button it gave my title sequence a different in variation effects to use. I really liked this effect as it didnt look childish and fitted in well , to be able to have a dissolve/fade button in your title sequence you must pull and drag the effect , from the side of the screen under effects you then put half of the effect on one clip and half on the other. You can also pull out the sides of the effect to either make it longer or smaller depending on what you want.