Q7: Looking back at my preliminary task, what do I feel I have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

By emm
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    Media Product

  • Organisation of time

    Organisation of time
    We should have planned our time better as towards the end of the project everything became very rushed due to a lack of planning.
    We should have made a list of projects to be completed each week so that we stayed on task.
    Also we should have made extra time aside from the main project to film any "pickups"
  • Planning & Preparation

    Planning & Preparation
    Planning was important as it made sure that we were organised in that we knew what shots we were going to use and had a clear idea of the way we wanted our product to turn out.
    I should have also looked at more title sequences - more than what was expected.
    We made a story board to show the alyout of the first few minutes of film and also a shot list.
  • Coventions of film title sequences

    Coventions of film title sequences
    I found out that a title sequence is a method used to show the title, production team and cast list all in the first few minutes of film. Shown with visual and sound behind to give indication to the type of film the audience is about to watch.
  • Target audience awareness

    Target audience awareness
    We made most of decision on what our product should be like based on who are target audience was.
    Seen as they were going to be typical happy females we made sure that the music was upbeat that the girls were interested in make up, fashion and having a good time so the audience were able to relate to them.
  • Camera Skills

    Camera Skills
    Whilst i was planning i should have;
    - rented out a camera and thought about all the specific shots that could have been used and the different angles. This would have made it look more professional and help us get the most from our media product
    - We should have also made sure that the actors we used were reliable and flexible with their time so they could film whenever they were needed,
  • Post production skills

    Post production skills
    Whilst planning and researching my genre i should have taken extra time to experimented and trained myself how to use the software for editing my media product such as premiere pro.
    Also during the preliminary task i should have paid more attention so i had a better knwoledeg of the tools to use.
  • The biggest thing i learnt

    The biggest thing i learnt
    The biggest thing i learnt i not too have to many expectations of what the film should look like.
    Just to take really good shots and use actors that your target audience can relate to.