My life thus far...

  • Day of birth!

    Day of birth!
    I was born on the best day of the year, otherwise known as Groundhog Day at Merley Greely Hospital in Ames, Iowa.
  • Where I'm from...small town USA

    Where I'm from...small town USA
    I'm from a small town in North Central Iowa. The town of Goldfield has a population of around 750. I live on a farm just outside of town and I love the country! My family farms corn and soybeans.
  • I found my calling at the age of 4

    I found my calling at the age of 4
    I started dance at a young age and I have loved it ever since! I danced for 15 years and tumbled for 12, taking part in many competitions around Iowa.
  • Graduation

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    I graduated from Clarion-Goldfield High School with 72 other students. Eighteen years flew by fast!
  • College Years

    College Years
    The next step after high school was Simpson College where I decided to major in Elementary Education. I love kids and thought this would be the right fit for me! I have endorsements in reading and early childhood. <p> Education is a social process. Education is growth. Education is, not a preparation for life; education is life itself.
    John Dewey <P>