A piece of me

  • Rachael Hurtz is born in Sacramento Califronia

    Rachael Hurtz is born in Sacramento Califronia
  • joined gymnastics

    joined gymnastics
    I continued to do gymnastics for many years and won many awards.
  • Started Dancing

    I danced jazz, tap,ballet and hip hop until i was 14.
  • moved

    to Arizona
  • Moved

    to Missouri for a few months.
  • My Kidneys failed

    My Kidneys failed
    I went on IV steriods to prolong the failure.
  • Moved

    Back to California Yay!
  • Twin tower collaspse

    Twin tower collaspse
    Was my first day of highschool
  • My 1st kidney transplant

    I recieved my 1st transplant from my brother at University of South Alabama hospital.
  • Started school at Faulkner State

    Started school at Faulkner State
  • Recieved my 2nd transplant

    Recieved my 2nd transplant
    I recieved my 2nd kidney transplant from my mothers at the University of Birmingham Alabama Hospital.
  • Met Joshua Scott

    Met Joshua Scott
  • My son was born

    My son was born
    He was born at Thomas Hospital in Fairhope Alabama.
  • Ashtons 1st Birthday

    Ashtons 1st Birthday
  • Joshua and I got Engaged

    Joshua and I got Engaged
    He proposed underneath the fireworks at the peir where we had our most memorable conversations. Became "our spot".
  • Had catheter put in

    to use temporarily for dialysis.
  • Started dialysis

    Will be on this machine until I recieve a functioning kidney.
  • 1st fistula surgery

    1st fistula surgery
  • 1st day of College

    1st day of College
    at the University of South Alabama
  • 2nd fistula surgery

    They did not inform me on how bad it would actually be.
  • Moved to Fairhope