• Spinning Jenny

    Spinning Jenny
    *Invented by James Hargreaves.
    *Machine used to weave clothe together to make clothing.
    *Increased clothing production & the need for cotton.
  • Steam Engine

    Steam Engine
    *Invented by James Watt.
    *Engine powered by steam from boilingwater.
    *Used in boats and trains for transportation.
    *Used in mills to power the looms (mills could be built any where now).
  • Thresher

    *Invented by Andrew Meikle.
    *Seperates grains from the stalk.
    *Increased production in agricultural industry & farming trade.
  • Factory system

    Factory system
    *Samuel Slater secretly brought ideas to america.
    *Hundred of people worked in one place manufactering products.
    *People move to city, work by the clock, and earn a wage.
  • Cottin gin

    Cottin gin
    *Invented by Eli Whitney.
    *Seperated seeds from cotton.
    *Increased demand for slaves.
  • Interchangeable Parts

    Interchangeable Parts
    *Invented by Eli Whitney.
    *Replacement pieces of exact specifications.(Parts are exactly alike).
    *Production became faster.
    *Reparis easier & cheaper.
    *Decreased need for skilled labor.
  • Steamboat

    *Invented by Robert Fulton
    *Boats powered by steam engines rather then water wheels.
    *Transportation became easier and faster and cities such as St. Louis developed. Aided in Westward expansion.
  • National Road

    National Road
    *Proposed by Albert Gallatin .
    *Road built from Maryland to Virginia.
    *Easier route through the appilachian mountains.
    *Allowed people to move throughout the country easier & aided. with the settlement of new areas.
  • Erie Canal

    Erie Canal
    *Proposed by John Calhoun.
    *Waterway that linked NY city with Buffalo.
    *Opened up Ohio for for transportation of farm products & Development.
    *Western expansion made easier.
  • Mechanical Reaper

    Mechanical Reaper
    *invented byCyrus McCormick.
    *Cuts Ripe Grains(oats,barley or wheat).
    *Made production 24 times faster.
  • Steel plow

    Steel plow
    *invented by John Deere.
    *Didn't break or dull in the hard, clay, rocky soil.
    *Increased production and settlers expanded west.
  • Telegraph

    *Invented by Samuel Morse.
    *Devise used to send messages.
    *Improved communication making it faster.
    *Connected regions of the country together.