Tyler Smith

  • First Birthday

    First Birthday
    I was born on Wendsday November 9th 1994 at 7:04 AM.
  • Period: to

    My life up to now

  • Move to Virginia

    My dad joins the coast guard so off to Virginia we go. (Mom, sister, and me)
  • My first sister, Chloe is born.

    My first sister, Chloe is born.
    My first sistre Chloe is born and a long road of constantly being annoyed starts.
  • Twister

    Our apartment is hit by a tornado so we move back to NC.
  • Dad and mom divorce

    My parents divorce and I move to Grandmas.
  • Twin Towers

    Twin Towers
    The twin towers were bombed and lots of americans lost their lives to terrorism.
  • First little brother is born.

    My mom has my first little brother. But I think I can get along better with him than my sister.
  • Mom gets remarried

    My mom gets remarried and I get a stepdad.
  • Dad gets remarried.

    My dad gets remarried and I get a stepmom.
  • Rec leauge

    Rec leauge
    I start off my football carrer at the ayden rec center playing for Trade-Mart.
  • My second little sister is born.

    My second little sister is born.
    My dad has my new little sister and now there is balance between the number of boys and girls in my family.
  • Mom gets second divorce

    My mom gets her second divorce and moves to chocowinity NC.
  • Broken arm

    Broken arm
    I break my arm playing middle school football and have to undergo surgery to fix it. My middle school football career is over.
  • Mom gets remarried

    My mom got remarried and I get a (new) stepdad. (again)
  • My third little sister is born

    My mom has my third but not final little sister.
  • First season of High School football let down

    My first season of high school football was fun but disapointing in the end. We got knocked out of the title game by Goldsboro.
  • Jv conference championship

    This year we got some rvenge against Goldsboro by beating them in the JV conference championship.
  • Sixteenth birthday

    Sixteenth birthday
    For my birthday I get lots of money and a car.
  • Drivers license

    Drivers license
    I get my drivers liscens and out onto the roads I go.
  • Twins

    My stepmom finds out she is going to be having twins this summer.