Zuleika's timeline!!

By zuly95
  • I was born in Kennansville, NC.

  • Period: to

    my life up to now.

  • My little brother was born.

  • My mother developed breast cancer.

  • I moved to Florida.

  • Moved to TN.

  • My mother developed cancer again.

  • Moved back to NC.

  • My baby brother was born.

  • Moved to Ayden.

  • Got my first cellphone!!

  • I started freshman year.

  • My granddaddy died.

  • My sister graduated AGHS.

  • Met my boyfriends parents.

  • Went to Tucker Lake!!

  • Started sophomore year.

  • My boyfriend and I have been together for a year!

  • My best friend Richelle sweet sixteen party.

  • My cousin came to visit.

  • My little brother turned five.