My Life....

  • Birth

    At eight pounds even, I was born on June 14th, the day after my parent's anniversary.
  • Granny Alice passes away

    On May 15th 1997 my step-grandmother's mother, my 'Granny Alice' passed away.
  • Bought our beachhouse

    In July of 1997 our family bought our beachhouse at Pirateland Resorts, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, which my family has made many wonderful memories at and we hope to keep it to continue the memories and in memory of my gradnmother, who picked out and decorated it when we first got it.
  • Little Red School

    At 2 years old I was enrolled at the Little Red School where I went for Pre-K until I graduated in 1999
  • I started elementary school

    In August of 2000 I started kindergarten at H. B. Suggs in Farmville, where I continued my schooling until my mother remarried in 2009 when we moved to Ayden.
  • Granny Ruby died

    In October of 2002 my great grandmother on my mom's paternal side, Amanda Ruby, lost her third battle with lung cancer.
  • Aunt May dies

    In May of 2005 my Aunt May died of heart failure.
  • My brother graduates

    My brother graduates
    My eldest sibling, Chris, graduated from Farmville Central High School on June 8th 2006.
  • Started middle school

    I started middle school in August of 2006 at Farmville Middle, where I went to school for hte 6th and 7th grade.
  • My Parents Seperated

    On January 1st, 2007 my parents announced their seperation to my brother, my sister, and I.
  • Granny Tomlin passed

    On February 4th my Granny Tomlin, my father's grandmother on his father's side, died of cancer.
  • My sister graduates

    My sister graduates
    On June 6th my sister, Tara, graduated from Farmville Central High School as Senior Class President.
  • Grandma Peggy passed

    Grandma Peggy passed
    On June 19th 2008, just days after her 71st birthday, my hero and one of the most amazing people I've ever met, my grandma Peggy passed after years of health complications.
  • White Lake

    White Lake
    In March of 2009 my recently widowed grandfather bought a lake house at Crystal Lakes Resort in White Lake, North Carolina.
  • Mom and Gary's Wedding

    Mom and Gary's Wedding
    On April 11th 2009, my mom happily married my current stepfather, Gary Miller, and we moved to Ayden.
  • High School

    High School
    I started high school in the fall of 2009 at Ayden-Grifton High School.
  • Dad and Crystal's Wedding

    On October 1st my father married my current stepmother, Crystal Jackson in Jamaica.
  • My niece is born

    My niece is born
    My sister Tara gave birth to my niece, Keelyn Roxanne Wester, on April 26th after only 4 hours in delivery, all of which I was right by her side.
  • My Sister gets married

    My Sister gets married
    I was Maid of Honor for the second time when my sister married her boyfriend of six years on September 25th.
  • My brother gets engaged

    My brother gets engaged
    On Christmas morning my brother proposed to his girlfriend Callie, in a very creative and funny way, with a beautiful ring that was hidden in my bedroom for months.