The Life of Kaitlin

  • The day that i was born

    I was born on July 2,1997 Kingwood Hospital.
  • Period: to

    My LIfe

  • My 2nd Birthday

    I had my 2nd birthday party at Chuck-e-cheese.
  • Pensacola, Flordia

    We went to Pensacola Flordia with the Blunts.
  • Arkansas

    We went ot Arkansas for a family renuion.
  • Noah

    My brother was born, Noah.
  • Kindergarten

    I started Kindergarten at Kings Manor Elementary.
  • Disney World

    We went to Disney World.
  • Spring Break

    We went to Feista Texas over Spring Break.
  • San Angelo State University

    We went to San Angelo for our youth camp, and stayed in the dorms in the University
  • Cruise

    We went on a Cruise to Mexico.