American History A

By 1042331
  • William H. Taft elected president

    Taft was easily elected, he was also described as susceptible to outide pressure.
  • the first Mexican Revolution begins

    The people were led by the radical Francisco Madero.
  • The Mexican Revolution gain control of Mexico

    They apoointed Madero president.
  • United States enters war against Germany

  • The outbreak of WWI

    Germany declares war on Rusia.
  • Germany sinks the British

    killed one American
  • President Woodrow Wilson receives a Declaration of war from congress

    The Wilson administration undertook a remarkable propaganda campaign to sway American opinion toward intervention in the European conflict.
  • Benito Mussolini

    Benito Mussolini gained power in Italy.
  • the kellogg-Briand Pact

    the Kellogg-Briand Pact was signed in Paris.
  • President Herbert Hoover put a one-year moratorium on both the reparations and debts payments.

  • President Herbert Hoover

    president Herbert Hoover put a one-year moratorium on both reparations and debts payments.
  • The Japanese

    Japanese began a military offensive against the Chinese in Manchuria.
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt was swept to power in the election of 1932.
  • Hitler

    Hitler became chancellor, and embarked on the plan he created in his autobiographical book.
  • Hitler's announcement

    Hitler announces the Third Reich.
  • The first Neutrality Bill

    The first Neutrality Bill passed congress with little debate.
  • The Second Neutrality Act

    The Second Neutrality Act added an additional sanction to the first law, prohibiting loans to belligerents.
  • Japanese and chinese

    Japanese and chinese forces clashed at the marco polo bridge outside Peking.
  • American forces attack

    American forces attacked targets in Panama, Noriega surrendered.
  • The U.S. congress

    the U.C. congress passed passed a resolution approving the use of force against Saddan Hussein.
  • President Bush

    President Bush ordered a ceasefire that was accepted by the Iraqis.
  • The Persian Gulf region

    more than 50,000 troops were in the Persian Gulf region.
  • President George W. Bush

    George Bush nominated Clarence Thomas to fill a vacancy on the Supreme court left by retiring Justice Thurgood Marshall.
  • Gorbachev

    He became president without a country and he resigned in December of 1991.
  • the federal budget

    the federal budget deficit had soared to $290 billion, while the nation unemployment rate reached levels over seven percent.