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Haitian Revolutin - Slave revolt

  • Haitian Revolution Begins with Uprising Slaves

    Guillaume Raynal attacked slavery in the 1780 edition of his history of European colonization. He also predicted a general slave revolt in the colonies, saying that there were signs of “the impending storm”. One such sign was the action of the French Revolutionary government to grant citizenship to wealthy. The french also started killing the people of haiti but since the haitian people were so prowerful the defeated them instead.
  • Slavery end

    In 1793 slavery ended. All slaves were freed
  • Toussaint

    Toussaint officially becomes commander in chief of all French armies in Saint Domingue.
  • The Treaty

    A treaty is concluded between Toussaint and British general Maitland, stipulating a complete British withdrawal from Saint Domingue. The treaty has a secret rider giving Britain trade rights in the colony, but Toussaint turns down a suggestion that Britain would recognize him as king of Haiti
  • The leader of The Haitian revlution 1802-1803

    The name of the person that was the leader of the haitian revlution was Toussaint L'Ouverture in 1802-3. He helped with the revultion until he died.
  • Reunited

    They reunited at the home of Dessalines . They reunited in order to draft the declaration of independence.
  • They gained independence

    ean-Jacques Dessalines declared Haiti independent on January 1, after crushing the French army sent to re-enslave Haiti. Over half the people in Haiti die before the struggle has run its course.
  • The Haitian Revolution Ends

    The Haitian revoultion ends and they are finally freed from slaves.
  • crowned as king

    Dessalines, having overcome all rivals, crowns himself emperor. meaning he ruled haiti for a great amount of time.
  • Ships

    The ship was engaged in patroling operations in Dominican and Haitian waters during the Haitian revolution. United States forces occupied Haiti as a result of the trouble there.