Chamber of Commerce Project

By makaye1
  • Registration Date

    Schools must register for the contest by this date
    We already did that though, so its all good.
  • Business Decisions

    Schools must provide information on business, community, or non-profit partner that the website is being made for.
    We already have an idea about this, we just need to submit it.
  • New Horizons Training

    Specialized Training at New Horizons center
    9 am - Noon
  • Conversation with Dr. Strickland

    Went over the specifics of the website, including color schemes, what kind of contect should be added, as well as tentative dates as to when we would have certain project aspects done.
  • Period: to

    Main Work Time

    This is the part in the project where the bulk of the work was completed. The
  • Joomla Doesn't Work

    Zach Carling, along with myself and Kris Rogers, officially decided that Joomla was ineffective. Using the site within school, as well as outside of school, was giving too many problems for the group.
  • Dreamweaver Becomes Primary Page Creator

    Zach Carling transferred all of our work from Joomla to Dreamweaver.
  • Period: to

    Finishing Up Project

    All the work that had been previously been done had been edited or modified to better fit in with the website. Also, all other elements of the site that were needed were added during this time.
  • Project Submission (D-DAY)

    Project is to be submitted to a judging committee.
  • Rough Draft Finished

    Strickland Chiropractors A rough (and we mean rough) draft has been completed and uploaded and is now a live website.
  • Wikipedia Frame

    Carling coded a frame that would hold a Wikipedia page that refers to information concerning chiropractic practices.
  • Facebook and Twitter

    The group created a page for Strickland Chiropractic for both Facebook and Twitter social networking sites.
  • Spine Simulator

    A 3D spine simulator was found. Carling linked the whole application to the main page of the website.
  • Final Project Submission (ACTUAL D-Day)

    All our hard work comes to a conclusion on this day.
  • Period: to

    Contest Date

    Date we're gonna win.
    They just have to decide one
  • Contest Date

    Finally decided on a date.