10 History 1 (Amy Protzman and Kyle Pieters)

  • Protectio Act was passed in NSW

  • Assimilation Act was passed

  • Korean Divided

    Korea divided North and South - 38th
  • End of WW2

    End of WW2
    Eastern and Western Blocs are now in Cold War
  • THe Petrov affair

  • China declares itself communist

  • Referendum to ban communisim

  • Korean War- North invades South


    ANZUS was to unite countries( Australia, New Zealand and The United States) and their public support for each other. If one attacked the others would help them out. Not necessarily by becoming involved in a war
  • Korean War turce signed

  • SEAT0

    Signed in 1945, but came into effect 1955 .
    SEATO (South East Asia Treaty Organization) was Protecting countries like Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam from communism. The treaty stated that partners would assist each other and those countries both in military and economic. They looked after the little people.
  • Sent Military Advisors

  • Berk Petition

  • Sent Troops for the first time

  • Integration Act was passed

  • First conscripts dies

  • Gurindji PeopleWave Hill protest

  • University of Monash did a pole and 74% of Aussies agreed with sending troops

  • Referendum

    Changed sections 51 and 127 of the consitiution to give the aboriginals right., Passed by over 91%
  • Tent Embassy

    Set up a tent on the parlement greens and the police set it down more then three times
  • Self determination Act was passed

  • Woodward Royal Commission

    Land rights were givien
  • The Moratorium Movement began

  • Mabo decision

    Went to teh high court and asked to get the rights from Terra Nullius back to trhe aboriginal people.
  • Native Title Act

    Land owned by citizens could be subject to a native title claim.