10 Different Technology's

By kunal
  • Printer

    This is used for printing stuff such as homework, essay, work and more.
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  • Watch

    This is used for checking the time so if you want to reach early to school, you can estimate when you want to leave with your watch.
  • PSP

    This is used for games, movies and sometimes you can use the internet.
  • USB

    This is used for transporting items such as homework, pictures, video, and much more.
  • Xbox 360

    Xbox 360
    This is used for movies and mostly games.
  • Camera

    This is used for taking pictures and you can also upload the pictures on to facebook or twitter.
  • Blackberry

    This is used for calling, texting, games, blackberry messenger, whatsapp, the internet and email.
  • iPad

    The Ipad is used for a lot of stuff such as games, music, internet, music and lots more.
  • iPhone 4

    iPhone 4
    The iPhone is used for a lot of stuff such as text messaging, games, music, phone calling, internet and lots more.
  • Macbook

    The macbook is used for internet, games, music and if you have wifi, you can use facebook or youtube.