Zyra's life timeline

By zpark
  • I was born

    I was born on January 22nd 2000 in South Korea, Kimhae.
  • Period: to

    My life timeline

    This timeline is about my lifetime like the events or special thngs that hppened to me.
  • I had my first birthday party

    I had my first birthday party in Kimhae. Everyone told me that when I became 1 year old, I didn't look like a baby! They said I look like a child already insted of baby!
  • My second birthday

    It was m second birthday and that birthday important to me because when I was 2 years old, I can walk, eat, cloth myself alone. Also, I could speak slowly.
  • My sister's birth

    My sister was born on May 25th, 2003. Her name is Kelly park and she was born in Kimhae in the same hospital as me.
  • I went to see dinosaurs bones

    I went to a place in Korea and it is a museum with many different kinds of dinosauus's bones.
  • I went to elc

    I went to elc in Korea, near my house.
  • I went to the water park

    I went to the water park i korea and it was extremely fun to play in the water park.
  • My visit to UN momorial park

    I went to the UN momorial park and saw graves of other important UN people.
  • I moved my house to Jang rim town

    I moved my house to Jang rim town from Kimhae. I lived in an apartment. when I moved, I was 6 years old and my sister was 3 years old.
  • I went to Songdo beach

    I went to songdo beach. I catched a lot of crabs and I like swiming in the Songdo beach.
  • I went to school

    I went to lower school when I was 7 years old. I felt happy when I first entered the school. I met new friends and new teachers. Everything seemed so exciting to me.
  • I started to go to the church

    I started to believe in God and so I went to church. It was a great to belive in God.
  • I went to Boracay

    I went to Boracay and ate a lot of lobster and shirmps. While going to Boracay, our ship's window got cracked because there was a typhoon and the water was flowing to the sea. I was almost in the middle of the sea. I was scared. But he boat had second floor and so, our family went to the second floor. The boat gotten its way back to the dock and so our family was safe. It was a dangerous journy.
  • Our family moved to the Philippines.

    Our family moved to Phiippines and I was hapy because I can study in a diffrent country. I was grade 3 when i entered BISS.
  • I went to Zoobic Safari

    I went to Zoobic Safari in the Philippines. It was fun but the animals was not interesting that Korean Zoos.
  • I moved my house

    I moved my house to Binitican from Hanjin Condo. This is my first time that I actually lived in a house because in my entire life, I lived in apartments. I like living in house.
  • I got Bishop

    I am not sure of the date but finally i got Bishop Brent in grade 5. I fellt so happy and proud. I want to get Bishop this year too!
  • I became Grade 6

    I became grade 6 and now I am in middle school. Middle chool is so fun! I like all my friends , teachers and everyone that helps me to be a better student.
  • I became lower school student council

    I became a lower school student council and I was so happy of what I became for this school.
  • Starting Second Semester

    I am starting fresh and I am in Grade 6, second semester. I m trying my best to get bishop this year.