Yuan Dynasty and Americas

  • Dec 3, 1248

    Aztecs Arrive (Americas)

    Aztecs arrive in in the Central Mexican Valley
  • Period: Jan 1, 1271 to Jan 1, 1368

    Yuan Dynasty

  • Period: Jan 1, 1271 to Jan 1, 1368


  • Dec 3, 1276

    Capturing Song (Yuan)

    Kublai Khan led his army, capturing the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty and unified China
  • Dec 3, 1294

    Kublai Dies (Yuan)

    Emporor Kublai Khan dies
  • Jan 1, 1299

    The Aztecs are Moved (Americas)

    The Mexica (Aztecs) have been driven from the Chapultepec area of what today is Mexico City
  • Jan 1, 1325

    Aztec Temple (Americas)

    Tenochtitlan was founded (First temple built by Aztecs)
  • Jan 1, 1330

    Plague (Yuan)

    The bubonic Plague spread as an epidemic throughout China (Europe and Asia.) Also known as Black Death
  • Jan 1, 1350

    Canals (Americas)

    Canals were built throughout modern day South America
  • Dec 3, 1350

    Incans (Americas)

    Incan influence rapidly spread throughout Andean South America
  • Jan 1, 1351

    Red Turban Rebellion (Yuan)

    Red Turbans (a resistance group) began to undermine the Yuan army
  • Jan 1, 1368

    Overthrown (Yuan)

    Yuan Dynasty is overthrown by future Hongwu Emporor (Ming Dynasty)