1,000 years of development. (Patterns of world history 600-1550)

  • 552


    Japan was introduced to dating, and Buddhism
  • 570


    Muhammad was born during the year of the elephant.
  • 622


    Muhammed and his group were forced out of Mecca and moved northward.
  • 630


    After 8 years of warfare, Mecca capitulated to Muhammed
  • 632


    Muhammed died, and was succeeded by four leaders.
  • 711


    The Arabs destroyed the Visigothic kingdom on the Iberian Peninsula, and took over
  • 726


    Emperor Leo III of Byzantium reformed christian theology by banning all art representing god and jesus. He also destroyed religious art
  • 768


    After the death of Peter III, his son Charlemagne would inherit the Frankish throne.(A born leader at 6 foot 4 inches when the average height was 5 feet 5 inches.)
  • 800


    Charlemagne gave assistance to Pope Leo III, and was then crowned “emperor of the Romans” on Christmas day.
  • 800

    West Africa

    The banana would arrive from East Africa
  • 814


    Charlemagne would die, and his empire would be divided by his three sons.
  • 843


    The Byzantine emperor ended his control over religious law.
  • 846


    The Norsemen/ Vikings would begin raiding of Europe.
  • 960

    China (Song Dynasty)

    The Song Dynasty would emerge from a shattered china.
  • 962

    Holy Roman Emperor

    Otto I of Saxony put down protests for the church. Pope John XII would proclaim Otto the “Holy Roman Emperor” out of Gratitude.
  • 965


    Byzantium regained all of Anatolia, and turned their attention to the Balkans
  • 968


    Dinh Bo Linh solidified himself as the first emperor of vietnam. In part to the pre established notion of Chinese Confucianism, and statecraft.
  • 1000

    Europe's Population

    Europe's population stood at 36 million people.
  • 1050


    Muslim scholars integrated Sufism into the Suni-dominated Islamic Civilization.
  • 1055

    European Innovation

    The year 1055 saw the introduction of the watermills, making it easier to make grain products, cloths, and beer.
  • 1066


    The Norman Duke William the Conqueror would conquer England, and be crowned king of England.
  • 1071


    The Seljuks would defeat Byzantium and take control of a majority of Anatolia.
  • 1085


    Half of Spain was conquered by the Christian kingdoms.
  • 1095


    Pope Urban II called for a crusade for the holy land.
  • 1100

    Europe's population

    Europe's population jumped to 44 million people.
  • 1127

    China (Song Dynasty)

    The Song were not able to prevent the north of China from falling to nomadic invaders, forcing them to move their capital.
  • 1190

    European Inovation

    The first magnetic compass would appear in Europe
  • 1200


    Sunni Mystics adopted Sufism to Islamic civilization in the form of popular brotherhood.
  • 1200


    The Toltecs would be the first in the new world to develop bronze casting
  • 1207

    Mongols Unification

    Temujin would unite the Mongols into one force, proclaim himself Genghis Khan, and started encroaching on northern China.
  • 1215


    King John of England would be forced to sign the Magna Carta, introducing parliament.
  • 1222

    India (Delhi Sultanate)

    The Delhi Sultanate would successfully fend off Genghis Khan and his Mongol horde
  • 1231

    Mongols (Korea)

    The Mongols would invade Korea with bombs, and rockets acquired from victory over the Chinese.
  • 1250


    The Mamluks established their own regime in Egypt.
  • 1254

    Mongols (Marco Polo)

    The Venetian Marco Polo would begin his travels through the Mongol empire.
  • 1254

    Mongols (Korea)

    The Mongols deported around 250,000 Korean as slaves across the empire.
  • 1255


    The Mongols conquered Iran and Iraq, but left the crusader states alone.
  • Period: 1257 to 1287

    Vietnam (Mongols)

    The Mongols would attempt and fail to invade Vietnam.
  • Period: 1260 to 1281


    The Mamluks would successfully hold off the Mongols' advance into Egypt.
  • 1280

    Mongols takeover China

    Kublai Khan proclaimed the Yuan Dynasty after the death of the young Song emperor.
  • 1281

    Japan (Mongols)

    The Mongols tried to invade Japan for the second time, but failed after the fleet was destroyed by a typhoon. The Japanese called typhoons divine wind, or kamikaze.
  • 1290


    England would expel all jews from their country.
  • 1300

    Europe's Population

    Europe's population reached about 80 million people.
  • 1306


    France would follow England and expel all Jews from their country.
  • 1324


    The Mali Ruler Mansa Musa founder a college and library which focused on Islamic Law, geometry, algebra, and geography.
  • 1336

    India (Vijayanagar)

    The Hindu state known as Vijayanagar was established in the south of India.
  • 1337

    100 years war

    The 100 years would kick off with England and France over the claim of the French throne.
  • 1346


    The plague would reach southern Italy.
  • Period: 1348 to 1352


    The plague would rapidly spread throughout Europe.
  • 1368

    China (Rise of Ming)

    The Mongols were driven from Khanbaligh, and the Ming dynasty was established.
  • 1388


    After the fall of the Mongols the leader of Korea, Yi Song-gye would submit to the Ming.
  • 1421

    China (Ming)

    The Ming would change Khanbaligh to Beijing, and move their capital north to Beijing.
  • 1450


    Islamic civilization was a commonwealth of Sufi brotherhoods and competing states.
  • 1453

    100 years war

    The 100 years war would end in a French victory.
  • 1564

    India (Vijayanagar)

    Vijayanagar was decimated by a coalition of northern sultanates equipped with cannons and small arms.