South Korea history

  • 8000 BCE

    First primitive tribes

    First primitive tribes
    Came from Mongolia and Manchria and established in the Korean peninsula
    - Settlement period
    - Nomadic tribes
    - Earliest Korean pottery is producd
    - Were called "Barbarians" by the Chineese
  • Period: 8000 BCE to 2333 BCE

    Prehistoric Period

  • 2333 BCE

    Dangun and Goyoseon

    Dangun and Goyoseon
    Legendary founder of the first Korean state
    Chosen by the idea of Choson
    From the legendary myth of the tiger and the bear (son)
  • Period: 2333 BCE to 108 BCE

    Ancient period

    Goyoseon Kingdom First Korean state founded by Dangun
    This first state fell against the Han dynasty of Han
    Their last king was Wiman (causing of the fall)
    40 kings aprox. ruled this period
  • 300 BCE

    Raise of Jin State

    Raise of Jin State
    Established on the South
    Start relations with Han China
  • 195 BCE

    Rise of Wiman Joseon

    Rise of Wiman Joseon
    Founded by Wiman (military of Han China)
    Last part of the Gojoseon Kingdom (fell on 108 BCE)
    Wimam attaked Han China
  • 108 BCE

    Four comanderies of Han

    Four comanderies of Han
    Han dynasty of China destroys Wiman Joseon, and created four comanderies Lelang
    Xuantu The use of the horse made the three kingdom period foundings
  • Period: 108 BCE to 57 BCE

    Proto-Three kingdoms period

    Han China Ruled the peninsula
    Period after the fall of Goyoseon
    Han dynasty diveded the peninsula in two (han commanderies and Samman confederancies)
    Adoption of horses
  • 57 BCE


    Bak Hyeokgeose of Silla (founder of the kingdom on 57 BCE)
  • Period: 57 BCE to 668

    Three kingdoms period

    Silla (founded in 57 BCE)
    Goguryeo (founded in 37 BCE)
    Baekje (founded in 18 BCE) Influenced by Japan and China like the buthism
  • 37 BCE


    Founded by the legendary Jumong on 37 BCE
    Militarized state
  • 19 BCE


    Founded by the son of Jumong , Onjo on 18 BCE
    They made a trade route with China and Japan, also includes many of their culture
  • 42

    Founding of Gaya confederacy

    Founding of Gaya confederacy
    Founded by Suro on 42
  • 371


    Baekje invades Goguryeo
  • 392


    Gwanggeto the Great expand Goguryeo power
  • 433

    Baekje-Silla alliance

    Baekje-Silla alliance
    Baekje and Silla formed and alliance by the inminent advance of Goguryeo
  • 475

    Goguryeo attaked

    Goguryeo attacked Baekje
  • 553

    Silla conquests

    Silla conquests
    Silla attaked Baekje and conquest Gaya
  • 598

    Goguryeo-Sui wars

    Goguryeo-Sui wars
    Sui attaked Goguryeo but on two wars , finally on 614 Siu is defeated
  • 645

    Goguryeo-Tang wars

    Goguryeo-Tang wars
    Tang dynasty attcked Goguryeo
  • 648

    Silla-Tang alliance

    Silla-Tang alliance
    Silla and Tang dynasty made and alliance because of the inminent advance of the Goguryo kingdom
  • 660

    Baekje fell

    Baekje fell
    Baekje fell against Silla-Tang forces The king of Silla was Munmu
  • 668

    Goguryeo fell

    Goguryeo fell
    Goguryeo fell againt Silla-Tang forces.. The king of Silla was Munmu
  • 668

    Unified Korea

    Unified Korea
    Silla-Tang forces unified all Korean Peninsula
  • Period: 668 to 676

    Silla - Tang war

    Silla kingdom fought against Tang dynasty to obtained the control of the Korean peninsula
    Silla won
  • 676

    Korean first unificatio

    Korean first unificatio
    Silla defeated Tang Dynasty
    Fell on 892 when Later Baekje reerged
  • Period: 676 to 935

    Unified Silla period

    King Munmu unified Korea for the first time (661-681)
    The capital of Silla was a comertial route between Japan and China
    Time of a lot prosperity
    Lost territory on 892 when the later three kingdom period begins
    Surrender against Goryeo
  • 824

    Balhae kingdom

    Balhae kingdom
    Appears on the north
    Emerged form Goguryeo
    Was established by refugies of Goguryeo when Dae Joyeong defeated Wu Zhou dynasty
    Trade with Japan, Silla, and Tang
  • 892

    Later Baekje

    Later Baekje
    Start by a rebelion against Silla rulers
    Hubaekje declared it self as the ruler of ancient Baekje
    Fall against Goryeo on 935
  • 892

    Later Silla

    Later Silla
    Fall against Goryeo on 936
  • Period: 892 to 936

    Later three kingdoms period

    Later Baekje (892)
    Later Goguryeo (901)
    Unified Silla (668) Fall against Goryeo on 936
  • 901

    Taebong (Later Goguryeo)

    Taebong (Later Goguryeo)
    Also them rebeled against Silla
    Was defeated by Goryeo on 918
  • 918

    Goryeo Dynasty

    Goryeo Dynasty
    Was founded by a military leader of Later Goguryeo (Wang Geon) on 918 On 935 peacfully anexed Silla ans on 936 they conquered baekje Second period of the Korean History in which the peninsula is unified (all peninsula will be unified on 936) The first emperor was Taejo
    Invations by the Kithans, Goryeo won on 1019.
    Korean peace and prosperity (Golden Korean age)
    Their national religion was Buthism
    They trade with middle east
    They developed movable type to print books 200 years before in Europe
  • Period: 918 to

    Dynastic period

    Goryeo dynasty (founded on 918)
    Mongol Yuan Dynasty (established on 1270)
    Joseon dynasty (founded on 1392)
    Korean empire (founded on 1897)
  • 993

    Goryeo-Khitan war

    Goryeo-Khitan war
    Thee Khithans destroys Balhae in 926 Emeperor Taejo accepeted refuegees from Balhae
    Khithans wanted peace but Goryeo thought they wanted to invade them First invation - 993
    Second invation - 1009
    Third invation - 1018
    Peace treaty - 1022 (victory of Goryeo)
  • 1170

    Goryeo military regime

    Known as the Choe clan
    Regin from 1196 to 1258 under Ubong Choe house
    Finished on 1270 when the Yuan dynasty (mongols) invade the peninsula
  • 1231

    Mongols invations

    Mongols invations
    The result will be that Korea will become a vassal state of Mongol Yuan Dynasty The mongols demanded tributes from Goryeo - 1225
    Goryeo kill the mongol`s messenger so Ogedei Khan ordered the invation of Korea comanded by General Saritai - 1231
    The mongols were joined by Hook-won a military general of Goryeo
    Second campaing of Mongols led by Saritai, but in Battle of Chenoi Mongols was defeated- 1232
    Third campaing - 1235
    Fourth campaing - 1248
    Fifth campaing - 1249
    Six campaing and peace - 1254
  • Period: 1270 to 1356

    Mongols Yuan Dynasty

  • 1391

    Fall of Goryeo dynasty

    Fall of Goryeo dynasty
    Mongols fell
    Problems of sucession
    Problems of territory (Liadong peninsula) All theese causes will finished the Goryeo dynasty
  • 1392

    Joseon dynasty

    Joseon dynasty
    Was founded by Yi Seong-gye, in 1392
    Was a Chineese colony
    Taejo was the first ruler
    Creation on the koreann alphabeth
    The independence of america, and the Sino-Japaneese wars help to pass the Korean Empire
  • Sino-Japaneese war

    Sino-Japaneese war
    War againt China and korea against the Japaneese empire to obtain the control of the peninsula Korea won, and China and Japan needed to retreat Korea obtained their independence against China Ends with the treaty of Shimonosheki
  • Korean Emipre

    Was an empire of prosperity
    Ends on 1910 when Japan made korea a protectorate state
  • Period: to

    Colonial period

  • Period: to

    Military governments

  • Period: to

    North and South Korea