WWII Timeline

Timeline created by tconn
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  • Vladek is called in to the polish army

  • Start of the war

  • Battle of the Atlantic begins

  • Vladek is taken prisoner by Nazis

  • Norway surrenders

  • German U-boats attack merchant ships

  • Germany invades Greece and Yugoslavia

  • German siege of Leningrad begins

  • British aircraft carrier Ark Royal is sunk off Gibralter by a U-boat

  • Japan attacks Pearl Harbor

  • Jews of Sosnoweic Relocate to the Ghetto

  • Battle of Stalingrad begins

  • Auschwitz and Dachau start using their crematoria

  • German and Italian troops surrender North Africa

  • Operation Husky begins Allied landings in Sicily

  • Italy declares war on Germany

  • Hungary occupied by Germany

  • Wiesel family arrives at Birkenall, Poland

  • Elie and his father were sent to Auschwitz

  • Vladek Arrives in Birkenau

  • Surrender of Axis forces in Greece

  • Valdeck and the others march from Auchwitz

  • Elie and his father were sent to Auschwitz

  • Russian forces liberated Auschwitz

  • Japanese retreat to Chinese coast and Soviets liberate Auschwitz

  • U.S. starts landing on Iwo Jima

  • V.E. day

  • The A bomb Little Boy is dropped on Hiroshima

  • V.J. day

  • War ends

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