World war ii special 512

Events that Lead up to World War 2

  • The biggining of Night

    The biggining of Night
    The main character, Elie, was trying to learn more about his religion. Moshe the Beadle‏ was captured by the Germans, but he managed to escape and come to tell everyone what happened. No one believed him.
  • Being Deported to the Camps

    Being Deported to the Camps
    Shlomo, Elie's dad, comes back home with the news that hey were going to be deported to the camps. They did not care and that they were just doing that steal their jewelry and money. The Hungarian police came and took the Jews away to the camps, and they too Elie's family too.
  • In the camps

    In the camps
    When they arrived to the camps, the family was split, the mother and Tzipora went one way, Elie and his dad went the other way. When they get in the camp they see fire pits where they burned people. They get their barracks assigned to them.
  • In the Camps

    In the Camps
    Everyone had a number tattooed to their wrist and that was what they were called from there on. They called them, took roll, and they did everything with their numbers, not their names.
  • In the Camps

    In the Camps
    Elie and has father got transferred to a new camp called Buna. There, they got assigned jobs and who ever could not work, was thrown into the crematorium.
  • In the Camps

    In the Camps
    After a while Elie and his dad were split by the German Troops and they each had to work in a different place now. They had to take a test to see if they would pass, if they don't they would thrown into the crematorium. Elie passed the first test, but his father failed the first test. He was close to dying, but they performed a second test and he passed.
  • In the Camps

    In the Camps
    Elie's foot got infected because it was really cold and they did not have the clothes to warm them. He had to have surgery on his foot or it would be amputated. So he had surgery and had to stay in the infirmary.
  • In the Camps

    In the Camps
    The Russian Troops were advancing and everyone in Buna had to evacuate. They said who ever is in the infirmary can stay there and not come, but Elie and his dad decided to evacuate with the others because they thought who ever stayed in the infirmary would be killed. But, two days later, they were liberated by the Russian Troops.
  • Moving to a new camp

    Moving to a new camp
    Elie and his dad decided to go run with the others and so they moved to a new camp. But, they had to run a lot before they got to the new camp. Elie's foot started to hurt again because of the running. Who ever did not keep up was shot at the spot. They stopped to rest and most of the people that slept were dying, so Elie and his dad tried not to sleep.
  • Moving to a new camp

    Moving to a new camp
    After they have rested with no food or drinks, they continued to run until they got to the trains. They boarded the trains and they were very weak. There was no food for them and they were really hungry. The German workers would come and throw a piece of bread and watch the Jews fight over it for fun. One even killed his father for a piece of bread.
  • Moving to a new camp

    Moving to a new camp
    The train came to a stop and everyone who was dead was thrown out. Elie's dad looked dead and so they came to take him out and throw him, but Elie kept slapping his dad until he woke up. They continued until they got to the new camp where they were offered showers and food.
  • In the New Camp

    In the New Camp
    Elies' dad became sick and others tried to convince Elie to take the food from his dad for himself. His dad died and Elie said that he was relieved that he does not have to take care of him anymore. After a while they were freed by the armies and Elie got to look at himself for the first time in years. He says that the look in his eye in that day will never leave him.
  • Liberation of the Jews

    Liberation of the Jews
    The Jews were forced to march to new camps when the allied armies were advancing to the camps. They forced them out because they wanted to erase evidence of mass genocide. The Soviets liberated Auschwitz, the largest killing center and concentration camp. US forces liberated the Buchenwald and many others. British forces liberated camps in northern Germany.
  • After Elie Wiesel was Liberated (Not from night)

    After Elie Wiesel was Liberated (Not from night)
    After Wiesel was liberated, he has dedicated his life so that we do not forget what has happened to the Jews. After he was liberated, he spent a few years in a French Orphanage and in 1948, he began to study in Paris at the Sorbonne. He got involved in journalistic work. Since, he has published over 30 books, earned a nobel peace prize, been awarded the congressional Gold Medal of Achievement, and more. He became a chairman of the Presidents Commission.
  • The Biginnng

    The Biginnng
    World War 2 started when Britan and France declared war on Germany for invating Poland.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    1919, England, US, Italy, and France met to discuss how Germany was to pay for World War 1. The is wanted a 14 point based treaty. The main ones were War Guilt Clause where Germany had to accept that it started World War 1. Reparations, which stated that Germany had to pay money for the damages for it was its fault World War 1 happened. Disarmament which said that Germany was only to have a small army of 6 naval ships, no tanks, no air force, and no submarines, Rhineland was to be demilitarized.
  • Treaty of Versialles continued

    Treaty of Versialles continued
    Territorial Clauses, which stated that land from Germany would be taken away and given to other countries. The Germans were unhappy about the the treaty and they couldn't do anything about it, for they were too weak and poor. The people were dissatisfied with the government and voted Adolf Hitler who promised to rip the Treaty of Versailles in half.
  • Adolf Hitlers Actions

    Adolf Hitlers Actions
    When Adolf Hitler came to power, he immediately started secretly building an army and weapons. France and Britain were aware of the Hitler's actions, but they let it slip because they thought it would stop the spread of Communism to the west. 1936, Hitler ordered troops to enter Rhineland. He also made too alliances with Italy and Japan in 1936. His next move was to take back the land that has been taken away from Germany.
  • Adolf Hitlers Actions Continued

    Adolf Hitlers Actions Continued
    Hitler then marched into Austria forced the Austrian leader to hold a vote asking people if they wanted to be a part of Germany. 99% of the people said yes. He promised that, that was his last expansion because he did not want to risk war. But he did not keep his word and he later invaded Czechoslovakia.
  • Beginning of World War 1

    Beginning of World War 1
    In 1939, Germany invades Poland and after the invasion, France, Britain, Austrila, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa declare war on Germany.
  • 1940-1941

    1940, Germany invaded Norway and occupied Denmark. German troops enter Paris and a new government is formed. After invading France, Hitler now turned his attention to Britain. He attacked Britain by planes because Britain was separated from the rest of the continent. Germany attacked Britain and caused major damage, but they were defeated in the Battle of Britain by the Royal Air Force.
  • 1944

    800,000 German soldiers surrendered to the Eastern Front. By October many Jews have died in the camps from exposure, disease, and starvation.
  • Aftermarth

    Hitler commited suicide because realized that everything was lost in the Battle of Berlin and he did not want to suffer when he was captured. After his death, German forces in Italy, Berlin, Northwest Germany, Denmark, Bavaria, Breslau, and the Netherlands surrendered.