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  • Elie meets Moishe the Beadle

    Elie meets Moishe the Beadle
    Elie Wiesel is thirteen when he meets Moishe the Beadle. He studied for most of his time and was very religious.
  • Foreign Jews are expelled from Sighet

    Foreign Jews are expelled from Sighet
    All foreign Jews are expelled from Sighet, including Moshe the Beadle. They are soon forgotten.
  • Moshe the Beadle returns

    Moshe the Beadle returns
    One day Elie Wiesel encounters Moshe the Beadle sitting on a bench near the entrance of the synagogue. Moshe tells Elie about all that has happened. He tries to get the Jews of Sighet to listen to him.
  • Life continues

    Life continues
    Life goes back to normal. Elie continues with his studies. The Jews of Sighet are hopeful as they hear news from London radio.
  • Germans arrive in Sighet

    The Jews of Sighet are not worried about the Germans, as they are hopeful that the war will end soon. Three days after they say that the Germans won't come that far, German vehicles arrive.
  • The Germans arrest the Jewish leaders

    On the seventh day of Passover, the Germans arrest the leaders of the Jewish community. A series of edicts follows. Eventually they are required to live in ghettos.
  • News of transports

    Elie's father gives the news that the ghetto was to be liquidated and transports were to start the next day. They don't know where they are going.
  • Deportation

    The Jews of Sighet are deported. Elie's family moves to the small ghetto. They are deported the next day.
  • They arrive in Auschwitz

    They arrive in Auschwitz
    After a terrifying night, they stop at the Auschwitz station. They are given information about the camp, and are more hopeful.
  • They arrive in Birkenau

    They arrive in Birkenau
    The train finally arrives at Birkenau. They see the flames that Mrs. Schachter had been screaming about. They are told to get out and leave everything inside.
  • Selection

    Elie tries to stay with his father. They head for the crematorium, but at the last minute are told to go to the barracks. This night affects Elie greatly.
  • Auschwitz

    Elie and his father are expelled from their barracks in Birkenau to Auschwitz.
  • Life in Auschwitz

    Life in Auschwitz
    They remain in Auschwitz, trying to stay together and avoid transports. They meet their relative, Stein, who is looking for news of his wife. He continues to visit them until he learns the real news.
  • They arrive at Buna

    They arrive at Buna
    After all the skilled workers are gone, the rest of the prisoners leave with the next transport to Buna. Elie gets accustomed to his life there.
  • Elie goes to see the dentist

    Elie goes to the dentist to have his gold crown removed. He avoids it by pretending to be sick, and later the dentist is arrested for dealing the gold teeth for his own benefit.
  • Elie talks to the French woman

    In the warehouse, Elie works next to a French woman. One day, when he is beaten, she speaks to him in perfect German, which surprises him.
  • Elie's crown is pulled

    Franek, the foreman, beats Elie's father until he agrees to give him his crown.
  • Elie gets beaten

    Elie witnesses Idek and a young Polish girl. Idek punishes Elie for what he saw by giving him twenty-five lashes.
  • The Buna factory is bombed

    The Buna factory is bombed
    Before the bombing, a man tried to steal some soup, and was immediately shot. He was the only casualty, and the prisoners were hopeful after the bombing.
  • Executions

    Elie witnesses a series of executions. The one that impacts him the most is that of a young boy.
  • Rosh Hashanah

    Rosh Hashanah
    The Jews observe the last day of the year. Elie has lost his faith in God.
  • Selection

    The selection takes place. Elie and his father avoid being selected.
  • Elie's father is selected

    They had recorded Elie's father's number during the selection without him noticing. Elie is worried all day about his father. When he returns to the camp, he finds his father still alive.
  • Akiba Drumer leaves

    Akiba Drumer was selected. He had lost his faith and his will to live. He asks the prisoners to say Kaddish for him, which they forget to do.
  • Elie has an operation for his injured foot

    Elie has an operation for his injured foot and stays in the infirmary for a few weeks until the evacuation.
  • Evacuation

    The camp is emptied, and Elie leaves the infirmary so he isn't separated from his father.
  • They leave the camp

    They leave the camp
    The prisoners are forced to run all the way to the Gleiwitz concentration camp. Many people die due to the cold weather and from exhaustion.
  • They arrive in Gleiwitz

    They arrive in Gleiwitz
    The prisoners end their long journey to Gleiwitz.
  • Juliek is killed

    After playing his violin through the night, Juliek is shot and killed.
  • They leave Gleiwitz

    They leave Gleiwitz
    The prisoners board a train. Elie's father narrowly avoids being thrown out, as they think he is dead. There is no food or water.
  • The prisoners fight for bread

    Bread is thrown into the wagon, and a battle follows. The prisoners fight and kill for a crust of bread.
  • They arrive in Buchenwald

    The prisoners take a cattle car to Buchenwald and many of the Jews die from starvation.
  • Elie's father dies

    After days of sickness and suffering, Elie's father dies of dysentry and physical abuse from the other prisoners.
  • The Buchenwald camp is liquidated

    The Buchenwald camp is liquidated
    The prisoners are told that the Germans plan to shoot them. The underground resistance of the camp made the decision not to abandon the Jews and to prevent their liquidation. The evacuation begins.
  • Liberation

    The SS flees the camp and the resistance takes over. The Americans arrive at Buchenwald. Elie and the other prisoners at the camp are liberated by the American army.