Night by Elie Wiesel

  • Elie Wiesel is born in Sighet, Transylvania

     Elie Wiesel is born in Sighet, Transylvania
    Elie is born under his father Chlomo Wiesel. His sisiters' names Hilda, Bea, and Tzipora. His parents worked at a store and all the children helped him.
  • Period: to

    Night by Elie Wiesel

    The timeline isn't exactly precise but the spacing is estimated to the closest it can be. We started out good but soon realized that the bullets would just overflow the top and not be seen.
  • Moishe the Beadle

    Moishe, one of Wiesels friends, escaped from the Gestapo and tried to warn many Jews about their fate but everyone deemed him as crazy and did not believe him.
  • Germans enter

    Germans enter
    The Germans enter and enforce new rules such as forcing the Jews to wear the yellow star at all times(in Sighet). Two Ghettos were created.
  • Coucil Meeting

    Coucil Meeting
    Many of the Jews were in great confusion. Elies father was in a council meeting and found out that the Jews would be evacuated but would not tell where.
  • Evacuation and Cattle Cars

    Evacuation and Cattle Cars
    All the Jews were evacuated from the Ghetto. They were packed into cattle cars. During the voyage, there was no food and very little water. Many passengers died and were thrown out of the car. Mrs. Schachter freaked out about seeing flames(which she did predict but everyone thought she was crazy.) They arrived at Birkenau.
  • Selection

    Elie was faced with his first selection at Birkenau. The only reason he passed was because an elder told him and his father to lie about their age and say they were healthy. This is also the last time he would see his mom and sister.
  • Forgetting their past

    Forgetting their past
    After selection, the people who passed got different clothes, haircuts, and a number tattoed into their arm. This was their new name.
  • Auschwitz

    The camp internees marched for half an hour until they left the camp and reached a new one. They arrived at Auschwitz
  • Stein

    While in the camps, one of Elies relatives finds Elie and asks about his family back home. Elie says that last he heard they were ok even though he did not know who he was. Stein later dies.
  • Buna

    After being moved from Auschwitz and marching many miles, they arrived at a new camp, Buna, where they will spend lots of time.
  • Work in the warehouse

    Work in the warehouse
    Elie has work in a warehouse. The work is pretty easy and the Kapo is not too tough. He meets a french girl who later on in life he seees this girl in a Metro.
  • His dad is punished

    While working, Idek whacked Elies father and called him an "old loafer." Elie was very unhappy. His dad also did not know how to march in step and was punished for this too,
  • The gold crown

    The gold crown
    Elies gold crown is threatened by some Kapos and dentists. He tries to keep it but ends up losing it. He is moved 2 weeks later.
  • Whips

    Elie was walking in the warehouse when he was not supposed to and saw the Kapo with a half naked woman. Elie laughed then ran away. Shortly after, "A-7713" was called up on a crate and recieved 25 lashes to his back.
  • Raids

    Buna is bombarded by the Red Army. A man is shot for trying to take an extra ration of soup.
  • Hangings

    There were many hangings. The first hanging did not affect many Jews. The second hanging made the soup "taste of death." During the second hanging, a little boy struggled for life for about 30 minutes.
  • Another selection

    There was another selection in Buna. The Jews were told to run as fast as they could. Elie and his father both passed.
  • Infirmary

    It is extremely cold and Elies foot swells up with puss. He goes to the infirmary and has very good treatement. He sleeps in bed sheets and is fed more rations.
  • Evacuation

    The Red Army was racing nearer and evacuation was needed. Elie was trying to decide if he should stay in the infirmary but thought the risk was too great.
  • The Exodus

    The Exodus
    The Jews were sent to march and run for many miles. Many, many miles. The weather conditions were terrible. There was snow and the tempurature was freezing.
  • Rest to a death?

    After the long run, they came to a stop in an abandoned town. Many Jews died here because they slept in the snow. Elie and his father almost succumbed to the trap.
  • Gleiwitz

    At the arrival of Gleiwitz, everyone was so tired that they toppled on top of eachother. Elie was being crushed and had to claw for air. Juliek, a violin-playing boy, was in the moshpit as well. Elie woke up to the sound of the violin.
  • A bad selection

    The selection at Gleiwitz was bad. Elies father was sent the 'wrong way' and Elie ran after him. Great confusion happened and Elies father made it out of selection safely.
  • More Cattle-Cars

    After the Gleitwitz selection, the jews were boarded onto more cattle cars. There was heavy snow. Throughout the voyage the dead were thrown out and the cars were almost empty. The were bread fights that the officers caused. Elie was almsot killed.
  • Buchenwald and the death of Elies Father

    They arrived at a new camp. 12 percent lived through the Journey. Elies Father became very ill and soon died while Elie was asleep. Elie was "free" but still sad.
  • Americans Take Charge

    Americans Take Charge
    Elie and the men surrounding him return to their camp buildings and the are liberated. American soldiers take charge, freeing all of those in the camp. They immediantly go for food. Later, Elie is okay but is emmotionally scarred and will never be the same after his experiences.
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    Night by Elie Wiesel